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IISI Linked Documents

At last, documents can be linked and reviewed in one place. Documents that refer to other documents can now be linked and integrated. This solves the problems involved in managing reports and memorandums and the documents they refer to, as well as information on the people involved. And it runs on all devices – computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.
Here are two examples:
In one case, an attorney can now write up a memorandum on a meeting he had with a client, where the client mentioned changes they wanted to make to their will. The memorandum now can have links in it to the client’s will. This allows for more efficiency for the attorney and their staff in dealing with the proposed changes to the current will, because all the documents they need are already in one place.
In another case, an investigation has produced a 100 page report that cites 250 documents. Usually, a reader would have to search a folder for any of the documents cited that they wished to review. Staff members have to spend large amounts of time managing and maintaining the folders of cited document copies to insure they are available to the reviewers of the investigation report. Now, the cited documents can be related to and linked to the report. Since the cited documents are now part of the entire document package, they are available, wherever and whenever needed.
Linked Documents resides on Coda, the powerful, internationally known all-in-one collaborative workspace. Major corporations and professional groups use Coda around the world. Coda is the industrial strength client information manager with a new kind of doc that brings words, data, and teams together. Because Coda runs on Amazon’s AWS, your information is available to you on all devices: computers, laptops, iPhones, and iPads.

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