BIGVU Writer's Brief

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Screenshot Guidelines

Screenshot Design

All screenshots should be created using the BIGVU Assets:
2. No more than one screenshot per H2 unless necessary. If multiple features need to be shown, follow these examples.
Use these arrows in these cases (only number, no text)
2. Screenshots from the mobile app must be framed by the mobile device (see below). Similarly, frame with a desktop when it is a desktop screenshot
3. When relevant showcase the app and desktop
Elegant themes for your subtitles with BIGVU_1920x1080.png
3. When displaying a feature, grey/blur out the irrelevant parts and zoom in/highlight the relevant feature. Keep the arrow in the original size as on the asset page. It’s ok for it not to fit in the colored part of the screenshot
4. Elevate screenshots that have a white background. If possible
Elevation 1.png
5. Pictures of people in the screenshot should always be swapped to one of our presenters, in Figma (these are examples)
Rectangle Copy.png
Screenshot by Dropbox Capture.png

Uploading to Webflow

All screenshots must be compressed into Web. You can use a free tool such as this:
2. The names of the screenshots should have keywords, or the Alt text should be updated
2. Make sure to choose the full-screen option
Screenshot by Dropbox Capture.png
3. No need to add titles to the screenshot

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