How to Translate Video from Japanese to English, or Japanese Video to English


Use a first-person perspective.
Really use the tools (not just mention them) and go over your impressions, what you like or dislike, and how small businesses can relate to your experience. (kind of a review article written for a magazine)
Use a lot of bullet points, and simple and actionable language.
Provide the screenshots for our designer to fine-tune it. (clean raw screenshots easy to edit)
Please check this BLOG post - this is one of our most successful -

Title H1: How to Translate a Video from Japanese to English, or a Japanese Video to English

H2 - Steps to translate a video from Japanese to English

H2 - Transcribing Japanese Videos , Creating the source subtitles

Available Mobile iPhone or Android or on the Web Start on Mobile , continue on the WEB
How BIGVU versus other apps
. Caption AI , Veed,io, Capcut

H2 - Translating the Subtitles into English

Reviewing and Proofreading Subtitles - using the Video Maker on the Web. , using the Mobile App.

H2 - Publishing and Sharing the Translated Video

Note: This blog post outline is a suggestion. Please modify or add any additional topics as per your requirements.

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