The Benefits of Using a Green Screen (General):
Professional look: A green screen gives your videos a professional look by placing your spokesperson in a well-designed, controlled environment. No need to worry about the dog barking in the park or cars honking. Using a green screen can place you anywhere- without noise and lighting issues!
Brand authority: With a green screen, you can consistently feature your brand's logo, colors, and imagery in the background of your videos. When someone views your video they will instantly recognize your brand
Repurpose your video: A green screen allows you to change your background settings easily, tailoring your videos to different topics, seasons, or campaigns.
Cost-effective: Creating physical sets for videos can be expensive and time-consuming. With a green screen, you can simulate various locations without the need for renting spaces or investing in elaborate props.
Efficient time management: Green screens help streamline the video production process, allowing you to focus on creating content rather than coordinating complicated shoots.
Consistent lighting and quality: A green screen provides controlled lighting conditions, ensuring your spokesperson looks professional and well-lit in every video.
Storytelling opportunities: Green screens offer the chance to visually reinforce your brand's narrative. Talking about real estate? Have a house in your background! Delving into financial tips? Have the NY stock exchange as your background. The options are endless!
Unified brand experience: Some creators choose to keep the same green screen background for all their videos. By using a green screen, you maintain a consistent brand experience across all your videos- no matter where you are recording your video!
Training and Communication videos- add charts and diagrams to your background using the green screen for interactive and visually appealing training videos
Benefits of using BIGVU’s Green Screen Technology
If your team is new to using a green screen, using complex software might lead to bad results. BIGVU is available as a mobile app and web platform, with a simple user interface. You can choose a background from BIGVU’s options or upload your own image or video. When the background is applied, you can use all the other editing tools easily.
Setting up a green screen studio with proper lighting, camera equipment, and post-production software can be expensive. For small businesses or individuals on a tight budget, these costs might not be justifiable. But with BIGVU, you can replace your green screen for just $8 per month!
With traditional green screen technology, post-production work can be time-consuming and require specialized software. With BIGVU, you just tap a button to replace the green screen.


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