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Example of video template I did under 3 min with capcut Templates - click to watch above
CapCut templates offer a streamlined approach to crafting quick and captivating videos, boasting a diverse array of themes to choose from.
Within CapCut, you have the power to: - **Upload Your Own Media**: Seamlessly incorporate your images and videos. - **Choose Varied Templates**: Select from a wide range of templates to suit your style. - **Enhance with Stock Media**: Elevate your visuals with professional stock videos or photos to replace default images.
When it comes to exporting, CapCut gives you full control: ​- **Video Quality**: Pick from 360p to astonishing 4k. - **Frame Rate (FPS)**: Customize your video's smoothness with options from 24 to 60fps. - **Format**: Export in popular formats like MP4 or MOV.
Seamless Sharing: - **Direct TikTok Integration**: Share your creations effortlessly on TikTok or via TikTok Ads Manager – a boon for media publishers.
The best part? It's all completely free for now.
Unlock the full potential of CapCut templates and make your mark in the world of video creation.
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**BIGVU Templates: Simplifying Your Video Editing Process**
BIGVU templates offer a variety of design themes to choose from, allowing users to effortlessly adapt them to their desired layout.
These layouts can be applied to any scene card and can be easily changed without the need for repetitive additions.
Editing becomes a breeze with just a simple two to three click process for the user, making it incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand.
Choose from: - Captions - Split - Quotes - Highlight - Intro - Lower 3rd
Streamline your video editing with BIGVU templates today!
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David’s comment The main difference between Capcut and BIGVU Capcut Templates are “ready to make videos” - You can add your own media, but the structure of the template is mainly a preset sequence BIGVU Templates are a “brand styling tool for your captions” - If you make talking head videos and add subtitles, you want your subtitles to have your color brands in conjuction with your logo. You also want a business card at the end of your videos with your own logo.
It’s important to explain the difference in concept
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