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AI Script Generator Product Brief

Say a few words and our Magic AI Writer generates each video script based on the specific type of video you are creating. We offer a variety of templates for the ideal business pitch, sales proposal, news update, or industry tips video. We’ve taken our expertise in video creation to create this . We've used OpenAI GPT, combined with our own natural language processing algorithms so that each script is unique and made for video.
We’re driven by a mission to make the life of the everyday entrepreneur that much easier. Video marketing is key when it comes to brand awareness for all SMBs. So we’ve taken the guesswork out of the whole thing.
The AI Magic Writer is a tool that helps create professional video scripts to take the worry out of what to say next. In a few steps, you'll have a script in the tone you want, tailored to your needs.
uses proprietary algorithms combined with Open-AI
Additionally, if you need to modify an existing script to convey a different tone, our Magic AI Writer can assist with that as well.
You should use the Magic Writer if you:
-Have video marketing fatigue: You're not sure what to say next or how to fill up your content calendar. In seconds, we'll create ideas and scripts for different videos to create in minutes.
Want to close more deals: Use our templates, such as "Pitch My Business" or "Sales Video Letter." You will stand out to potential clients with a personalized pitch on camera.
Want to showcase your expertise: Brand yourself as an expert. With the "tips" or "news update" templates you can share your industry know-how in seconds
Want to stay consistent: We've found that Magic Writer users are:
1.6X more likely to finish a video,
Post 2.3X more often
Create 2X the number of videos
How does it work?
Use your mobile app or enter the web platform to choose the type of script you would like to create. Here are some of the scripts you can create:



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