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BIGVU Writer's Brief

BIGVU is a destination app for small businesses to thrive through effective video marketing

Dear Content Writer,
Thank you for joining our team. Please read below our content writing guidelines:

Internal Linking- Must include 7 internal links in each blog!

Important Links to include in a blog post:
Automatic Captioning & Transcription: https://bigvu.tv/create/auto-captions
AI Magic Writer for Scripting: https://bigvu.tv/create/ai-magic-writer-for-video-scripts

Personality & Tone : Human & Authentic

Speak our audience’s language. Being simple and straightforward with our interactions connects us with people on a deeper level. Avoid marketing jargon and technical terms (ctr. open rates, etc)

Drive Emotional responses

Yes, BIGVU saves time. But what if you took it one step further and highlighted that you now can spend less time working and spending more time with your family? Don’t be afraid to get personal.

Keyword Research:

All blogs must score a score of at least 85 on our dokey.io software.


Write from your own point of view. Using often first person if relevant. “I did this...and this is what I think...”
When writing a review, actually use the tools covered in the article and share your thoughts on what you enjoyed or didn't enjoy, and how small businesses can benefit from your experience. (like a review article for a magazine)
Use many bullet points, and simple and clear language, so any insights become easily actionable for the reader.
Include screenshots that our designer can easily improve. (provide the raw screenshots as JPEG or PNGs that are easy to edit)
All H1, H2 and H3 title should include the main target SEO keywords for the article.

Product Research

If the topic of your article is related to other software, or a how-to guide, we expect you to experience the software yourself. Sign up for a free trial of that product, and make sure to include clean and professional screenshots in the final copy.

Who is BIGVU’s audience?

BIGVU customers have a self-image of independence and are always happy to do what they love, even if it might be difficult. They understand that hard work is necessary to achieve their goals and are willing to put in the effort. Many of our users are small business owners such as realtors and coaches
Persona: Andy, a 50-year-old realtor from Austin, Texas is trying to get more leads for her real estate business. She knows she needs to create videos for tik-tok and Instagram so she can get more visibility for her business. It takes her a long time to create videos because she’s not used to putting herself out there and is worried she’ll look like a joke. She’s looking for an app that she can just film herself and it will do all the captions and editing for her.

What are the pain points that BIGVU solves?

Memorizing: Create a flawless video without memorizing a thing. BIGVU Teleprompter scrolls your script so you can speak on camera like a pro
Time Consuming: Efficiency is key for small business owners and BIGVU Teleprompter delivers just that - cut down on production time and memorize your script with ease
Rambling / Hard to express our ideas: Say what you mean on video. BIGVU keeps your video to the point and on the script.
Social Proof - Hard to get views/followers/engagement: Engage your audience with professional videos. Up your video content by using the BIGVU app today
Lack of ideas / Hard time writing a script : Never run out of ideas or struggle with script writing again. Unlock the full potential of your small business with use AI Scriptwriting
Boring Videos : Say goodbye to boring videos forever! Make a lasting impression on your customers and stand out from the competition.

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