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The essential principle of occupation in the world - figure out some way in which you get paid for playing. — Alan Watts

Doing what you love is effortless and joyful, and feels much more like play than work. But how much time do we spend in this state after childhood?

Leaving school, all of us have tremendous plans for life. But faced with the challenge of earning our own living, current system offers us little alternatives to the beaten path of career ladder, where we spend most productive years doing work that usually has little to do with our true aspirations and strengths. So we start adjusting those big plans.

By the time we amass enough power and resources to steer our own way, only a few manage to get out of the tight grip of responsibilities and mortgages. While most continue to grind through their heydays with goal horizon gradually shrinking down to the next weekend.

While there’s also a way of founding a startup, what proportion of dreams fits a tight funnel of venture capital? Only entrepreneurs with a clear business plan and a trendy presentation get a chance to be funded while those who’s talents are further from direct profit potential - artists, scientists, teachers etc. - are left with even less opportunities from clumsy bureaucracies of government grants and charitable foundations.

We live in a system where billions of dollars are locked in ageing organizational structures waiting years to make an impact, while hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of ambitious and talented makers are wasting their potential earning a living doing jobs unrelated to their true calling. This is how the world is deprived of a better future.

It is time to change this paradigm and unleash the creative potential of humanity. For hundreds of years companies have been enjoying the ability to raise capital against future prospects. And now with the rise of blockchain technology, we are ready to bring this power to every aspiring human being. is a social token platform allowing talented people to raise funds from visionary people investors looking to make an impact and build a fortune spotting the next Steve Jobs.

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