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Holistic-Villages Vision

Board of Advisors

The intention of the Board of Advisors (BoA) is to provide guidance on the various areas of the community, such as the business and nature preserve sides. The BoA consists of a core group who meet together with the principals of the org once a month for just 90 minutes max on regularly scheduled days and times, with a pre-planned meeting agenda to keep the meetings concise and on track since the members are usually busy individuals whose time we value highly.
In addition to the core BoA, there is a larger Panel of Advisors which are people who are not as actively involved but would like to be able to contribute their advice asynchronously as their time allows and help with decision making when there is a split in the consensus of the BoA.
Members of the BoA meet with specific key people to provide guidance as needed and as their schedule allows. All the meetings are recorded so that people who couldn’t attend are able to replay them and for transparency. The primary objective of the meetings are to provide guidance and clear actionable next steps, which are entered into a project management system to ensure follow-through.
There is a clear process laid out for when discussions should be elevated to the BoA so they don’t experience burnout from too much involvement. All questions that come up during the course of regular community meetings are recorded in a doc where they are tagged with the main categories, so that BoA members can review these and provide their input asynchronously. Bigger discussions around these questions happen during the live meetings with the whole BoA or with individual advisors.
BoA members track their time spent and would be compensated for it at fair market value of consultants via credits to enjoy the community amenities, such as the retreat center.
Main Areas of Expertise for the BoA Members
How to organize the various legal entities, including the land trusts and LLCs?
How to create businesses out of the various community programs/parts?
How to create entrepreneurship incubators to help people start their own businesses?
How do we live in right relation to the earth?
How do we steward the land properly, especially the nature preserves?
How do we keep people healthy and happy?
How do we deal with all the emotions and live harmoniously?
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