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Holistic-Villages Vision

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Holistic-Villages Vision

Imagine thriving harmoniously amongst the happiest and healthiest people on this planet who exude wellbeing, living each day fully with a strong sense of purpose and confidence. Imagine living in a Garden of Eden where all your needs are provided for, allowing you to focus on healing, growing and finding your purpose, where your children or grandchildren can attain the most comprehensive education possible and you continuously expand your horizons through exciting workshops.
This new model for living at a higher-level is possible by bringing together the most innovative minds in their fields including business, healthcare, architecture and permaculture. It’s not only possible, it's actually necessary since our planet cannot bear the weight of our unsustainable lifestyles much longer and we’re witnessing the unravelling of major institutions, along with hyper-inflation causing our savings to become less relevant with each passing day. We used to be able to rely on our families for support but now those connections are more frayed than ever, leaving us lonely and vulnerable.
The number one cause of bankruptcies in America is medical debt and it’s a scary downward spiral where the illusion of security is shattered and the harsh reality of our individualistic society is illuminated. But, what if you could buy into a community where all your basic needs, including healthcare, were guaranteed for the rest of your life, no matter how long you lived?
We believe in focusing on health-span instead of lifespan because it's not about how long you live, it's about how happily and well you live, how deeply you are loved and how peacefully you pass on.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create holistic village-scale exceptional-communities to provide bubbles of sustainable wellbeing where people realize their true nature and thrive while living a life full of meaning and connection.
Our vision is to perfect the recipe for cohabitation and co-create a worldwide network of Exceptional-Communities outside of every major metro region allowing members to freely travel between them to learn, expand their minds, experience new ways of living and create life-long connections.


Vitality-Villages are high-standard co-living communities which require an extensive application process so only people who are truly dedicated to continuously transforming themselves into their highest version are admitted. Our model is centered around a fully-inclusive lifestyle so you feel like you’re living at a resort, allowing you to free up energy to focus on growing into the most vibrant version of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.
We are a faith-based organization rooted in the belief of a conscious universe, which allows us to challenge restrictions that interfere with our wellbeing and sovereignty. Our goal is to prove that diseases are much more treatable and even reversible with holistic measures than we are led to believe and that a super-healthy lifestyle and positive mindset are the keys.


Everything you need to raise your wellbeing to the highest level is included in your membership, like 3 high-vibe meals a day, supplements, holistic medical care, coaching, clothing, gear, spa, car-sharing and adventures. This makes us the ideal place for people who are trying to heal from chronic illness or those who normally do not have the time to take such great care of themselves because they are too busy.

The Keys to Creating High-Functioning Communities

There are major challenges to overcome for harmonious cohabitation and sustainable living, but the pain-points of intentional-communities are abundantly clear and there are just a handful of keys that are needed to address them. The challenges that we address in our unique way are Idealism, Participation, Critical-Mass, Tribes, Standards, Personal-Growth, Sustainability, Amenities, Employment, Resource-Sharing and Governance.


Idealism is the number one hurdle that all successful communities must overcome, which is much easier to do with a brave and lean leadership-team experienced in conscious entrepreneurship and business matters. While we focus on ecovillage qualities, like sustainability and permaculture, we aren’t myopic about them and instead focus on creating a thriving nonprofit organization that is inline with our human behavior allowing gradual transitions to occur over time.


The Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule means that 80-90 percent of the work or results are achieved by 10-20 percent of the people or actions, so instead of trying to fight against this human nature, we embrace it by incentivizing the individuals who actually want to take on the lion’s share of the work. This allows us to provide work-trade opportunities to people who would normally be unable to afford our fees.

Critical-Mass and Tribes

There is an ideal “goldilocks size” for communities of about 100-200 people where there is enough critical-mass to sustain a full time staff dedicated to keeping everything running smoothly, while still being small enough to have an intimate feel and know everybody in the community. People naturally form small sub-communities, aka tribes, pods or clusters, within the larger community to live closely with others based on their core values, such as veganism, entrepreneurship or athletics.
Scale is the key to forming partnerships and helping other aligned organizations, like farmers and supplement manufacturers, to grow together while keeping our operating costs low.

Sustainability and Resource-Sharing

Our unique approach to sustainability ensures that we don’t sacrifice the feeling of abundance while caring for the wellbeing of our planet and fellow inhabitants. The key is sharing resources properly and our scale. Imagine how much energy you could free up by not worrying about owning and maintaining all those items that just mostly sit unused in our closets and garages. Everyone has access to a plethora of high-end professionally maintained gear with a reservation and accountability system.
Permaculture is incorporated into the design of the Village so you feel like you’re living in a Garden of Eden that is so well thought out that it requires minimal maintenance so you get all the benefits of living in an eco-village without all the work. Our aquaponics growing system allows us to enjoy fresh fish and farm fresh produce all year long in any climate.

High-Standards and Personal-Growth

We continuously strive to keep our standards much higher than most communities, especially in terms of wellbeing and aesthetics, having full time staff tasked with keeping common areas tidy, organized and feeling fresh. Our Code of Conduct strikes a good balance between being nuanced and livability.
Our team of coaches help members grow in all areas of their lives, especially in relationships to self and others, which is where most of our personal growth happens. We encourage members to become aware of ingrained behaviors and to transcend passive-aggressive behaviors by speaking up when something is bothering them.
Our professionally-trained mediators help members communicate with each other in a way that comes across as loving and caring. After providing a few chances we will ask provisional-members to leave if they are not living up to their agreements.

Amenities and Retreats

Our level of amenities rivals that of a 5-star resort including an athletics-complex, yoga studio, meditation hall, spa, makers-space and electric car-sharing. The key to being able to offer this level of amenities is our scale and hosting small retreats, which are ten days minimum to ensure that there is still an intimate feel. The retreats also provide opportunities for connections to fascinating new people, bringing fresh energy into the community.
Fully Inclusive Lifestyle with holistic health care, 3 super-healthy meals a day, supplements, clothing, coaching and abundant vehicle and gear sharing. Spa with Sauna and Cold-Plunges, Gym, Salt-Water Swimming-Pool, Pickleball (of course), Commercial-Kitchen, Makers/Hackers-Space


We focus on the most streamlined yet participatory way of governing a large organization, through our own Openocracy system, where crucial discussions and decisions are facilitated through an online platform where people can take their time to read through the different viewpoints, provide feedback and vote on matters. Ultimately, the final decisions are left up to an elected leadership-team tasked with making the difficult calls in a timely manner to steer the community deftly.
This allows everyone to participate, including proposing changes, while avoiding the time-sucking nature of community meetings which are eschewed for community meals where people can discuss matters organically.

Employment and Startups

Our ecosystem of community-based businesses allows us to pull in the most talented people from all over the world.


Both physical and psychological. You belong to a big family like tribe that will always be there for you no matter what you are going through. You feel a sense of home that you can return to after wandering out into the world.

Our Ecosystem of Enterprises

The holistic nature of the village means our wide range of enterprises all overlap and coalesce in various ways, ensuring an ingenious reuse of resources, allowing us to provide a world-class set of services to the greatest number of people in the most sustainable way possible.


The Learning-Center is our education hub for all ages, encouraging organic learning, mentorship, apprenticeship, leadership and entrepreneurship.


Our innovative youth-village is an autonomous-zone which allows our children to experiment and practice the real world skills needed to learn how to govern themselves. It's the most advanced iteration of an unschool which combines entrepreneurship to create their own economy.


Min of 10 Days and limited availability with members receiving priority booking; requires buy-in to our limited-number Co-Op Membership which allows us to have a yearly recurring subscription fees.


Wealthy seniors who are not ready to do the typical retirement and are looking for growth, knowledge-sharing, novelty and to participate, like in the startups or at the retreat center.
Pro-Athletes naturally fit into our uber-healthy lifestyle and we have world class coaches combined with top-notch facilities making us an ideal training-camp, even if only part of the year.
Entrepreneurs who are looking to focus on their projects and need a simplified life that doesn’t sacrifice their wellbeing.
Our innovative alternative-unschool for ages 7 and up is integrated with the startup-incubator and permaculture programs so we charge at least $5K/month for students living there as a boarding-school.

The Economics

The Average retirement age person spends about $4K/month in living expenses, and since we are going for above-average we can charge at least $6K/month for our fully inclusive lifestyle so what is the minimum number of full-paying clients we would need to sustain the level of amenities we are looking to provide?
20 people x $6K = $120K per month in revenue
+ retreat center revenue of anywhere between $20K-$60K
Our staff are getting to live there and enjoy the level of amenities that others pay $6K/month for so we are looking for people willing to take a salary which is ½ or even ⅓ of their private sector salary.


The biggest challenge is not financial or logistic, its mindset. People are resistant to change until it becomes more painful to continue stagnating then it is to embrace change, but we can demonstrate that a much richer, happier and healthier lifestyle is easy to transition into with our innovative approaches.
Keeping people in high-spirits is also a big challenge as one discontent person will spread their negativity, so there has to be a system in place for addressing this and asking them to leave promptly if it escalates and they aren't a permanent-member, making it clear that we do not tolerate ungrateful or passive-aggressive people.
Parenting styles and managing children can become contentious so we've crafted a set of guidelines with the help of child development experts to balance supporting a child's exploration with strong boundaries. We have adult-only areas which allow exceptions for youth who demonstrate emotional maturity.
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