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Acquira Decision Making Process Template

Complex Project Planner

How to use this
The first step will be for you to fill out the table below with as many desired outcomes as possible and with different potential solutions for those outcomes. Simply click on the green "Add New Outcome" button and enter your outcome along with 3 potential solutions.
Once you complete the table below, you need to take all those outcomes and run them through the Project Planner by clicking the "Start New Brainstorm" button below. Going through this thought process every time before making a pivot, or any business decision for that matter, will allow you to identify 2nd order impacts and understand the consequences of your actions.
If you find a solution that brings you to your desired outcome, looks at the downside and potential negative impacts, and checks the box of something you'd do regardless of the current events, you should probably do it.

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Solution 3
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