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PRD- Success Plans - Custom message in invites

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Product Requirements

Key features & capabilities
In Scope
Ability to add a blurb of text to emailed invites to plans
Updated email templates that allow this blurb of text to be featured to the reader

Out of Scope
branded send-from email addresses for emails
additional branding on email invites and notifications

Use cases & requirements
Include a diagram or other visual aid at the top to communicate what will be built.
P0 - As a seller or seller Outreach user, I can add a custom blurb of text to invitations so that I can ensure the recipient has the proper context and background of why I am sending them an invite to join the plan
P0 - As an invitee to a plan, I can see a blurb of text from the person inviting me so that I feel like the invitation is more personalized
P0 - As an invitee to a plan, if the inviter does not add a custom blurb of text, I still think the email invitation looks visually appealing and not like anything is missing
Technical considerations
Are there any important technical requirements that the engineering team should be aware of? Examples include: performance, data freshness, AI/ML requirements for the data.
Are there any constraints we know of that impact what solutions or approaches we are able to consider as part of this work?
Design considerations
We should consider how this might impact changes to the modals when we do prospect integration in the invite flow
We do not need to preview the invite - we should follow the paradigm set by google docs for example that allows a user to add a blurb of text when they share a document

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