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PRD- Success Plans - Custom message in invites

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Product Brief

3-4 sentences describing what we’re proposing to do, in simple and straightforward terms.
Currently we have a boilerplate invite we send from the system that goes out to buyer invitees to Success Plans. Sellers want to add a more personalized message to these invites, so we want to enable them to add a blurb of text to the emails.
What it is
What are the key capabilities or deliverables?
Ability to add a blurb of text to emailed invites to plans
Updated email templates that allow this blurb of text to be featured to the reader

What it isn’t
What problems won’t we solve as part of this proposal?
branded send-from email addresses for emails
additional branding on email invites and notifications

Size of Effort
Sizing definition coming soon...
UX cost: ~ 3 weeks
What customer problem are we solving?
Briefly explain the core customer pain we are proposing to solve.
Sellers want to add a personalized message to invites to plans. This allows the invites to feel more personal and less “from an email system”. Similar to when you share a google doc, you want to be able to add context to an invite to the collaboration so we want to enable sellers to add this to the invites.
Who experiences this problem?
Which users experience this problem? How frequent/severe is the problem for them? Be as specific as possible.
Sellers want this ability to make the invites more personalized. Buyers would likely engage with an invite that has context and is more personalized towards them. This is especially true if a seller has not met one of the stakeholders but is inviting them to the plan as a first impression.
How do we know this is a real problem?
What data or research tells us that this is a real problem? Are there past EPERs, support tickets, or other customer input to reference?
Received feedback from 4 sellers during the BETA that this is a desired feature
SAP ask to unblock the pilot
Current workarounds & alternatives
How do customers solve this problem today? Be sure to include both in-product workarounds and anything they are doing outside of Outreach as relevant.
Sellers can leverage the link sharing to write a personalized email to someone then link the plan, but this still requires going through the authentication flow to get approved for full edit access.
Why should we do this?
How does the business benefit from solving this problem? What data or research gives us confidence that we should pursue this opportunity?
This is a standard tablestakes feature for any collaborative document sharing functionality, it’s no regrets work.
Strategic alignment
How does it align with our ? What company or PDE goals will this feature support, and to what extent?
2F. Enterprise features for Success Plans
What does success look like?
More buyers invited to plans and more buyers engage and join plans
Number of buyers invited to plans with custom messages; Number of buyers who join plans with custom messages
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High-level solution
Briefly describe the approach you’ll take to solve the problem. This should give readers a general understanding of the features or capabilities you’ll build, without going into too much detail.
When a seller goes through the invite flow, they will now have an option to add a custom blurb of text to an invite. When buyers receive invites, the email template will include this custom blurb of text.
What do you believe to be true about customers, the right solution, or GTM? Which assumptions are risky, and require additional validation?
We should follow existing paradigms in collaboration space - Google docs, Asana, Lucid, etc.

Dependencies & risks
Which teams are likely to be involved in delivering a solution? Are there any major risks or dependencies that could impede delivery of this solution?
Should be contained within SPE/S.
Read it? What did you think?
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Needs work
Dont do it
Topics for Discussion
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Product Brief Reviewers
Review Date
April Alexander
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