Provide an overview of your organization.

At The Digital Panda, we pride ourselves on being a team of dedicated overachievers with a passion for crafting exceptional products that elevate businesses. Our unique strength comes from our fully remote team, comprised of top-tier talent from across the globe, bringing diverse perspectives and ideas to every project. Our culture celebrates creativity fueled by a deep appreciation for art and technology. More than anything, we prioritize people—both our clients and their users—and are committed to enhancing their lives with designs that are not only human-centered but also boundary-pushing. At the heart of our mission is the creation of living, breathing digital experiences that stand out in a crowded online space, serving as powerful tools for engaging customers and generating leads.

Provide how you have supported start up and/or Fintech's.

We have worked with a large number of financial institutions in a variety of ways. For Meridian Credit Union, we provide ongoing UX/UI, Content Development and Video support as an extension of their product teams. For Cambrian Credit Union, we provide Web, Illustration and Motion support for their Marketing team. For Ficanex, an integration
UX design is a fundamental part of our process. It is the basis of all our design decisions. When developing products, we consider User Goals at the start of the project. We move from rough ideas to polished visual solutions improving step by step — keeping the user front and centre.

Outline how you would approach our business launch including website build process.

For us, every project is guided by a singular aim: to align with your business goals and earn the admiration of your users. Our approach is methodical and stepwise. It begins with pinpointing the core problem, then progresses to setting the artistic direction. We meticulously organize information architecture with SEO-driven content creation and craft wireframes to lay out page structures and functionalities. Our UI design process is grounded in atomic design principles and component-based systems. This approach extends to crafting illustrations and visual assets, whether in 2D or 3D, and elevates the product further with polished animations and iterative design. Our development process mirrors this atomic, component-driven ethos, resulting in a dynamic and adaptable design system that becomes an invaluable resource for your marketing team.

Describe the team that would support our business.

Key people that would be working on the project:

Ilya Kroogman

Ilya brings over a decade of leadership to The Digital Panda, leveraging his extensive experience guiding creative and technology teams across diverse industries. His passion for innovation and creativity fuels the continued growth and global success of our agency.

Tibor Tovt

Creative Director
Transitioning from street art and graffiti to design, Tibor has amassed 15 years of creative experience. His keen ability to navigate constraints and context results in distinctive, captivating designs. His projects have achieved community recognition and widespread popularity, despite his newfound quest for a good night's sleep.

Violaine Dikandja

Project Manager
Violaine, a trilingual project manager with a background in marketing and business development, brings global expertise to our team. She has managed large-scale projects during her time in Japan and at The Digital Panda, ensuring successful project execution and fostering lasting business relationships.

Grigory Moroz

Lead Developer
With over 15 years of experience, Grigory is a seasoned software developer with a keen interest in design and 3D. He's built multiple apps and services, ranging from video-chat apps to backend APIs, showcasing his breadth and depth of expertise.

Cindy Van Heerden

Lead UX/UI
Aesthetics and functionality collide in Cindy's work as a designer. Her passion for art extends beyond its creation to its presentation, always striving for a harmonious balance between form and function.

Kaleb Stropkovics

Content Lead
Kaleb, a content professional and educator, excels in creating engaging, innovative content across various industries. His contributions to startups in the mental health, technology, and financial services sectors demonstrate his diverse skills and adaptability.

Any additional resources required outside your agency?

We work with an SEO strategist and SEO team called

Outline an overall timeline for delivery.

Our general timeline for web projects of this size is 5-6 months.

Describe your digital marketing strategy.

We have a proven track record in transforming complex ideas into intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs. Our previous work with Webflow, Montrium, MOBIA, TruAQ, Motusbank, and Cambrian Credit Union among many others, demonstrates our capability to handle complex projects and deliver successful outcomes.

Our design process is geared towards solving the most common issues that occur within web and user experience design projects. Following a step-by-step process we move from defining a structure, global navigation and functionality first.
By the time we start the visual design stage, a lot of requirements are already defined and discussed. The strategy session gives a great understanding of your vision for the business, including the style and character of your brand. Moodboards allow us to have a detailed discussion around aesthetics and set expectations. Finally, Our high-fidelity wireframes give a good understanding of layout and structure.
We believe the most important part of the visual design phase is the homepage design. We work on this iteratively and based on the results of the previous stages (strategy session, research, mood boarding, wireframing, and provided brand guides). After the homepage design is approved — we develop the guidelines and apply this throughout the experience.

Web Process

Based on the results of the strategy session, we start our research and work on the information architecture. This includes:
Competitive analysis
Researching industry best practices and UX patterns
Fleshing out information architecture, navigation and sitemap
Developing User flows
Creating moodboards for the visual direction (Decisions made at this point begin to guide the wireframe design).

UX design
We take the findings from our research and begin work on:
High-fidelity wireframes to determine the structure, layout and functionality of each page. We design these for both mobile and desktop.
Clickable prototypes to test user flows and navigation (Figma). Testing is done internally, by your team and using PlaybookUX or
Low-fidelity animations to test potential ideas for interactions and transitions

UI design
Our UX results help us develop:
High-fidelity UI design for the home page both for desktop and mobile resolutions.
Custom illustrations or any necessary visual assets including iconography, and photo manipulation.
A UI design system for all pages on the website.
Animated assets, including page transitions, hover and interactive elements, and animated illustrations.

Delivery to the devs
Finally, the UI design is delivered as a design system that includes:
Reusable graphic and text styles, symbols and components based on the Atomic web-design principles to facilitate quick global updates and the design of new pages.
Visual assets are exported as lightweight SVG (if applicable) and uploaded to a cloud service for easy access.
Animations are provided as lightweight files (Lottie or RIVE) for easy implementation

Please provide examples of work to include: Website, content creation, digital ads, testimonials or white papers.

Latest Web Projects

Previous Campaign / UX-UI / Projects

Provide a sample campaign report.


Provide a breakdown of the proposed costs for each component of the product launch.

Design Strategy
Identify brand values, customer segment, and direction
Web Design
Wireframing, visual design, motion design, prototype design
Illustration Design
Create 2D illustrations to be used throughout the experience to explain the process and services.
Web Development
Develop the design and integrate with a content management system
Write a comprehensive whitepaper, create illustration and graphics to accompany the text. (price for 1)
Setup template for podcasting, hire talent, manage guests, create graphics.
Email Template
Design and Develop 5 Email templates to be used for variety of use cases: Market Update, Product Announcement, Educational Content, Customer Story, Regulatory Update, etc
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How do you measure success?

Measuring success varies depending on the project. For most redesigns, we employ analytics tools to track and define key performance indicators (KPIs) of the current website. This data collection continues throughout the redesign process. Once the new product is launched and has undergone a testing phase, we compare the KPIs' performance against their pre-launch values. In projects where we begin from scratch, we establish KPIs during the strategy phase and analyze the outcomes after a significant period post-launch.

Please provide 2-4 references.


Vice President, Digital Enablement Cambrian Credit Union


Marketing Axelar

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