Interning with Music

A template to explore new music and add suggestions directly to your playlist!
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When you love music...but you’re tired of hearing the same songs
Are you the person who plays music on loop, regardless of whether you’re at home or the office? Wait, me too! Sometimes I just want to hear new recommendations, and make new playlists with my new favorites.
This document lets you sync your playlists on Spotify, directly create new playlists, and add new tracks with a click!
How do I start?
First make a copy of this doc with the purple button above.
Then navigate to and get started on linking your Spotify account!
Finally go to and explore new songs from Spotify, and from my personal favorites:)
You can also go to to explore a recently released album every day!
Music is too what my parents say:)
Check out the resources below on how music affects your productivity at work 👇

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