A Hidden Number
A Hidden Number

A Hidden Number

Select a favorite number with the slider, leave the rest to us.
Here is what to text your spectator:
Use your calculator to multiply a bunch of numbers together. Start with my favorite number
, and multiply it by your favorite number if you have one, so we know it will be big! Then multiply by as many numbers as you like! Just don't max out your calculator. Text me all the numbers in your answer (in any order) except for one of them. Don’t tell me your “secret, hidden number”
Copy intro to clipboard

Work the Magic
Paste what they text you
Then Click Go

Text them the answer
Copy this and Text it to them!

⬆️Paste their number and click go to find their hidden number⬆️
paste their number first!

They have no idea how you did that. In this moment, you are the most interesting person they have ever texted! You better have something good to follow it up with...
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