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Quick Start

What is EnIndex

Encrypted IndexedDB, made for convenience of use, using Promise instead of callbacks.

Module Load

New Module Load

// In main app.jsimport eidb from "./libs/eidb.js";

Classic Load

Not recommended, need to wait for eidb to be fully loaded and exists.
<script type="module" src="eidb.js"></script>

Unencrypted Usage

// Regular openeidb.init();var Db = await eidb.open_av("my_db", Indices);
if (Db instanceof Error){ console.error(Db); return;}eidb.enable_op_hist(); // Operation historyeidb.enable_fts(); // Full-text searchDb.close();
// CRUDeidb.insert...eidb.find...eidb.update...eidb.remove...

Encrypted Usage

// Secure openeidb.init();var Db = await eidb.s_open_av("my_db", Indices);
if (Db instanceof Error){ console.error(Db); return;}eidb.s_enable_op_hist(); // Operation historyeidb.s_enable_fts(); // Full-text searcheidb.sec.prepare_keys(Username,Password);Db.close();
// CRUDeidb.s_insert...eidb.s_find...eidb.s_update...eidb.s_remove

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