Lead Mentor Guide

For both big group and small group meetups.
Prepare slides and materials for each session. Make sure to record each session. Plan the sessions 1 week in advance and send it to
@Linus Chin
so he can document it into our calendar system and discord so the students can see it.

The General Meeting Structure
15 minutes: Introduction
Breaking the ice, catch up with their homework, answer any homework related stuff, show homework answers.

3 minutes: Agenda
Tell them explicitly what you will be discussing today. Break it down into smaller subtopics so it’s easier to digest.

3 minutes: If you stay until the end
Tell them why and how this chosen topic will benefit them as developers.

5 minutes: Real world application
Show them the real world application of this topic. And show a bunch of examples so they can relate to it.

5 minutes: Tell a story
Share a story about this so they can relate to it. Can be a personal story or someone else’s story. But try to come up with something in story-form.

30 minutes: Code along
Start your presentation and code along session. If there are starter codes, make sure to send them beforehand first.

5 minutes: Summary
Summarise everything you’ve run through into key highlight points.

1 minute: Challenge for the week
Give them the homework for the week. It has to be related to what they’ve learned. And test their knowledge and put it to practice.

10 minutes: Q&A
Open up to the floor to ask questions. Those who need to leave can leave already but for those who has questions can ask now.

Fundamentals Tuesdays
@Yap Yee Qiang
End goal: Train students to pass the Fundamentals Assessment.
Weekly topic: Everything before going into Back End. Should be coding-heavy, challenge-heavy and project-heavy. HTML, CSS, JS, DOM, OOP, Algorithm Challenges, Version Control, Making API Calls, Beginner VueJS.

Intermediate Thursdays
End goal: Train students to pass Backend Assessment and integrate it with their front end to be able to build full stack apps.
Weekly topic: Advanced VueJS, backend topics and everything else that Yee Qiang isn’t covering.

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