THC's Learning System

Jumpstarter Workshop Guide

Jumpstarters are not teachers! Jumpstarters are mentors with a supportive personality! The role of a jumpstarter is to lead, inspire and ‘jumpstart’ one’s love for technology.

1. Weekly Meeting Flow
Login to Google Meet with the Jumpstarter meeting credentials.
Send the meeting link in Discord 5 minutes before the official start time of the batch.
Record the meeting.
Run through the Weekly Jumpstarter Meeting Structure (See Point 3 Below).
Share meeting recording link, code resources and any slides prepared with students in Discord after each session asap, by the next day.
Be the primary point of contact for the students throughout the week whenever they need help.

2. Weekly Meeting Login Credentials
Student Mentor Google Email:
Student Mentor Google Pw: Sudojumpstarters@101

3. The Goal of The Peer-to-peer Learning Initiative
For student mentors to improve and learn by teaching, the Feynmann technique. Read more
to understand all about it.
Student mentors can improve their coding skills and people skills. To become a 10x developer and project manager to add more value and demand a higher salary.
For learners to learn better from junior developers rather than super experienced developers. They can relate a lot better from junior developers.
Junior developers were in their shoes months ago and will be able to relate to the complete beginner learners a lot better.
4. Challenge Materials
@Yap Yee Qiang
please insert the GitHub link here:
5. Capstone Projects
@Yap Yee Qiang

6. Backup Teaching Materials (Legacy lecture materials. Don’t use this!)
Follow the curriculum on Pathforge. Solve the challenges on Pathforge with them. If unclear, feel free to use any of the materials below to guide them through their learning journey.

Code 3 Bob Media Queries:
Code 5 Bob Position:
Code 8 Bob Media Queries:
Code 9 Sultani Flexbox:

JS Intro
JS Loops & Basic Algorithm Challenges
JS Refresher, JS Methods, Basic Algorithm Challenges
DOM Manipulation & JS Events
Code Snippets (Dom Events):
JS Objects, Vanilla Todolist App, Basic Algorithm Challenges
Code Snippets (Dom Events):
Code Snippets (Objects):
Capstone: Assessment & Todolist V2
Assessment Solution:
Designed TodoList By Student:
More JS Objects, OOP, Algo Challenge, Orange Tree
For this week, no need to cover slides if no time! Prioritise OrangeTree & Code Snippets. Slides can just very quickly run through and send it to them with links to read on their own.
Discuss Assessment:
OOP Slides:
OOP Code Snippets:
Version Control, Git, Github, Gitbash, Unix Command Lines
Slides Unix Command Lines:
JSONPlaceholder Practice:
Random Authors Practice:
Meme generator (10 min Challenge for them):
Post / Delete request practice logan:
Guessing Game: (do if have time. Or ask them do as homework. Here’s the deployed link:
Feel free to use your own fun API’s as examples for them too!
Capstone: Mini Vanilla HTML CSS JS Project
Feel free to implement your own! Just break it down into small 5-10 minute challenges, and get them to share their code.
If they can’t, just slowly get them to code along
They should implement their own ideas and do it in the class. Either in groups or individually.
Their homework for the week should be to do their own version of a vanilla html css js project

Bootstrap Challenge
Meme Generator Challenge
Dino Game Challenge
Meme Generator Challenge
IG Landing Page Challenge
Async Await Tutorial
Face API Challenge
Tensorflowjs Image Classification Challenge




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