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Release Notes: Oct 27th 2022

Sprint 2.23.2
On October 27th 2022 at 8:00 pm CST we released a new version of the Publishing Solution.
Below are the updates and fixes we made to the platform.

Social Networks
Facebook pages:
Update: With the new user interface, you can view all connected Facebook pages without panning.
Oct-28-2022 12-47-45.gif
Update: Implementation of a new bulk action style for Facebook pages.
Oct-28-2022 12-56-39.gif
Fix: Redirects user to the current page when deleting Facebook pages.
Fix: The link shortener will no longer shorten special characters like "..."
Fix: A validation was introduced to prevent posting an unsupported .webp image file to LinkedIn.
Fix: Social Network Groups will no longer be visible to non-admin users.
Fix: long links that have http issues.

Fix: The "Post to" filter in the Publishing Calendar and Publishing Posts allows you to filter by social networks.
Oct-28-2022 15-42-21.gif
Fix: Long lists of posts will be displayed in calendar view.
Fix: Post Details: The preview of the shortened link will direct to the correct web page.
Fix: Rescheduling a failed post is available.
Oct-28-2022 15-38-05.gif
Fix: In Compose, applying tags saves them.
Fix:[Question mark] In IG posts, a character with the name "zero-width-space" will not be displayed.
Content Library
Fix: Schedule posts from Collections without a tag being required
Fix: Filtering posts in the Content Library according to approval status.
Oct-28-2022 15-25-55.gif
Fix: The Content library folder shows the precise number of approved content library posts.
Fix: Tags applied in Content Library are saved.
Fix: All of the posts and activities retrieved from the social network are displayed in feeds.
Fix: Reviews and messages Feeds are updated.

Update: ability to export a user list in PDF or CSV.
Oct-28-2022 12-52-17.gif
Update: Updated UI for the roles page.
Fix: Sorting of user list sorting alphabetically is available.

Update: User performance - Ability to filter results by roles.
Update: User performance - Ability to select multiple users.
Oct-28-2022 13-34-23.gif
Fix: Shortened Link - Ability to filter by post date.

Mobile Navigation:
Fix: Ability to close the navigation menu

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