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Release Notes: August 9th, 2021

Sprint 19
On August 9th 2021 at 8:00 pm CST we released a new version of the Publishing Solution. Below are the updates and fixes we made to the platform.
Highlights: Instagram | MFA
Update: Ability to add Instagram Business account and post to to it.
Update: Ability to view Instagram account details under Social Account Details page.
Add IG.gif
Update: Ability to Post to Multiple Instagram Business Accounts
Update: All users can Tag Instagram Business accounts in the Compose text editor.
Tag IG.gif
Update: Ability to add Instagram posts to dashboard feeds.
Update: Users are able to comment on posts on behalf of their Instagram Business Account.
Dashboard feed IG.gif
Update: Ability to hide/delete Instagram comments in the Instagram posts feed.
Update: Users are able to enable/disable commenting on their Instagram Posts.
ig enable_disable.gif
Update: Users can set up Alerts for Instagram Activity
Update: Users can view/export Instagram Business Account insights in Social Performance Report.
Update: Users can view/export Instagram Business Account posts with comments in the Social Media Posts Report.

Update: Ability to turn on Multi-factor Authentication for an Institution.

Fix: Ability to add order Dashboard Tabs and feeds.

Social Networks
Update: All Admins can transfer ownership of a social network account from one user to the other.
account transfer.gif
Fix: Link Variable Posts with a social network not assigned in a link variable displays error.

Update: Media Displays Instagram validation check.
media validation.gif
Fix: Ability for only Admins to edit Name of the media created by all users.

Content Library
Fix: Grid view displays long URLs without overflow.
Fix: Ability to Sort and Search by Post ID.
search CL.gif

Fix: Posts in Pending/Declined/Failed status can be edited or deleted.
Fix: Ability to sort posts and search by Post ID.
search post.gif

Update: Search results exported report displays “Search Name” Search terms” and “Date Range”.

Update: Ability to filter users with edit and delete actions in the search bar.
user search.gif

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