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Team Coherence Exercise (General Gratitude)

A simple exercise used to create coherence, connection and appreciation amongst a small team, over video


In this exercise, the team is encouraged to share and receive appreciation for each other by sharing short verbal recognitions of others efforts, while receiving and being recognized for theirs.
Is best used at the beginning of a meeting, to create connection amongst the team before diving in.


1min per team member


Someone starts, usually the person calling/guiding the meeting.
They will choose a direction of the video square (left, right, above, below) to be the first receiver.
This direction will be how the rest of the participants choose who to share appreciation for.
If there is nobody to choose when it is your turn, simply pick the opposite direction, until landing on a square that hasn’t yet been chosen.
Often video software will display squares differently per participant. If someone who has already been chosen gets picked again, skip over them until the next person is reached.
Start by calling the participant by their name and praising them for something you appreciate. Try and keep it work related. Share how their praised action makes you feel.
Once finished, the receiver will repeat the praise they heard, thanking the giver.
Move on until everyone on the team has been praised!
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