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Morning Routine (Metal)

This is a routine for you to do every morning. These techniques are to strengthen metal energy in your life. Additionally, having a structured daily ritual will help to strengthen your boundaries.


Start with 10mins daily meditation. (Can do more if desired)
Stay seated after meditation.
Visualize a tree inside you. What kind of tree is it? What does it feel like?
Visualize all the leaves of the tree falling away: not dying just a natural cycle, shedding all that is unnecessary.
Imagine that with every leaf that falls you release something else that does not serve you. Cluttered items, limiting self thoughts, stale or vampiric connections, etc.
After all the leaves have fallen away, all that is left is the barren tree. Only what is necessary remains. Take in the tree inside you. What does it look like now? What does it feel like?
Do a somatic and mental check-in. How are you feeling? Where is sensation living in your body?
Do 7 purifying breaths on each nostril (hold right nostril with right ring finger, inhale deeply through left, pause, hold left nostril, exhale through right. After 7 switch and do the same holding left nostril with left ring finger. Then inhale deeply through both nostrils, hold, exhale through mouth.)
Finish with 10mins of daily meditation. (Can do more if desired)


Make this practice part of your daily routine and do it every morning.
Should take no more than 40mins, depending how much time you spend on meditation.

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