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Regenerative Currencies (R/E)volution
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RECURV is in the process of creation of its branding and website. We are also migrating our content into Moodle. You can see our first that will be the first course offered as part of RECURV.

Our Purpose

We find ourselves in an uncertain time – a time of transition between what is dying and what is yet to be born. Behind us lies a path of exploitation and extraction that has brought us to the brink of ecological and social collapse. Before us is yet unwritten - a new path of healthy interdependence and well-being. We are not just learning the rules of a new world, we are generating them.
At RECURV, our purpose is to unlock the creative force inherent in all people, facilitating the transition to social systems where all life can thrive. Our goal is to spark a passionate excitement and new capacities to create, adopt and midwife systems that give birth to new social systems and ecological flourishing. We strive to empower people to embody life giving behaviors and manifest wealth beyond finite monetary outcomes.
Recurv is a membership-based community of practice and content hub—but larger than that is a invitation to a journey, one we are all in as peoples of this earth, the journey towards the messy creation of a new Operating System for Project Earth!
Our mission is to equip people with economic literacy and practical tools and frameworks for the embodiment and creation of novel social and economic systems, propelled by the power of the Web of life.

Our Offer

We cater to three distinct audiences: those in pursuit of Economic and Llving Systems Literacy, Impact Entrepreneurs, and dedicated Currency Designers that want to follow the path of currency design as a profession.
Recurv aims to be an alchemical experience, a living lab for anyone that wishes to become a creator and conscious participant of the global metamorphosis of our times. Its the confluence where architects and practitioners congregate to educate, ideate, embody, and sculpt the systems of tomorrow.
We offer an exclusive content library and marketplace. Access to a wide range of exclusive events, impact venture studios, workshops to prototype and field test currencies and a fierce community of practice. However, this isn't just a community – it's a bold new direction. With Recurve, we are reframing the game, moving beyond the confines of the old system to manifest something entirely new – something that is rooted in the power of our deep, passionate devotion to life itself, to use our intense determination and fierce commitment to go against the grain and challenge fixed cultural and narrow beliefs and goals that have brought us to this point. Together we can tap into the mysteries and paradoxes of life itself to uncover the transformative potential of the moment we are in.
Our leverage is in the process, don’t expect it perfect because every Re-evolution calls for chaos, for mystery, for the embrace of a messy learning journey where we reach out to find the novel ideas, the patterns that will set us in a trajectory towards an Infinite Game that works for all life!
Our vision is to harness the power of current-sees as transformative forces that can create flourishing economies that weave humanity within the virtuous cycles of the web of life.

Courses and Tools

A thriving economic life is rooted in society's ability to perceive and engage with its surroundings.Similar to how grammar helps convey diverse ideas in language, we need to express social value in flows with richer signals than market prices. Money is but an instance of an evolutionary process that is happening right now. We "actually need to see and represent all different types of value inside of a commons framework, and to have a stable language to develop that value, at scale. flows of value within a community, such as social contributions, reputation, work performed, care work, even emotional attitudes. As the economic landscape continues to evolve, we must develop a new fluency, a new literacy.
Asset-backed currencies will not simply be a substitute form of money that will end up replicating capitalism, but will instead propagate a "different grammatics of value." Just as a different grammatical structure in a human language helps us to articulate different ideas and realities, new grammars are intended as a tool to express social forms of value-- flows -- that market prices are incapable of representing. Instead of market-exchange being the dominant form of value, it is envisioned that Holochain-based apps will enable other forms of value to be expressed and circulated within networked communities -- in other words, not just the money values represented by prices, but social meaning, reputations, and community sentiment. Instead of seeing the isolated individual as the only source of agency and value,
By promoting new literacy encompassing challenging old beliefs and principles of how economies and life evolve, as well we strive to empower individuals to dismantle old systems and transition to currencies that are backed by real assets and relational currencies that are designed to foster collaboration, mutual-aid and access to resources.

Impact Venture Studio

Our mission is to make the invisible visible, illuminating pathways to a thriving future for humanity and the planet, where currencies foster vibrant communities, holistic well-being, and the regeneration of our interconnected ecosystems.
We have a track record in prototyping and experimentation in regenerative currency design propelled by the wisdom of living systems. Through our 'Impact Venture Studio', we aim to amplify our capability to accommodate numerous initiatives by consolidating our insights and orchestrating a collective intelligence procedure. Our ambition is to pivot the Regenerative Economies landscape away from extractive speculations and towards revitalizing the Commons and fostering post-capitalist economies.
We will continue to cultivate a diverse and resilient ecosystem of Impact Entrepreneurs ready to design truly regenerative currencies, beyond speculative tokens that monetize nature, and nurturing a culture of learning and co-creation.
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Why Regenerative Economies / Currencies?

A growing awareness exists in our society that our current monetary, economic, and social systems are no longer serving us and are based on an outdated worldview that conflicts with reality. The majority of people, however, are unable to “think” beyond fiat money and are trapped in the same unhealthy patterns rooted in speculative and extractive currencies.
The concept of a Regenerative Economy is profoundly anchored in the tenets of deep ecology, aspiring to cultivate a balanced, harmonious rapport with the environment. It centers on principles of well-being, renewal, and restoration as opposed to exploitation and depletion. This economic philosophy has gained considerable traction, with numerous impact entrepreneurs eager to architect innovative economic and social systems. Most embracing regeneration in their elegant narratives and aspirations. However, when it comes to the shift of the economy itself, mere intention will not confer regenerativity. The essence lies in structurally embodying regenerative principles in the currencies themselves, this requires a movement beyond the physics of money, conventional tokenomics and Web3 tools.
Our goal is to bring together creators, builders and system designers, and root them in the knowledge of living systems and its application toward the design of innovative currencies that are capable of creating the kind of beauty, physics and wealth that our natural ecosystems exhibit.

The Commons

The commons is the beating heart at the center of our shared existence, the wellspring from which our cultures arise. It is the fertile soil in which our songs, stories, languages, and ways of knowing take root. It is the great inheritance passed down through generations, expanding what is possible for those yet to come.
The commons is the air we breathe, the water that sustains us, theplants that nourish and heal, the microbes that create the very conditions for life. It is the creatures with whom we share this land, bound in the web of reciprocity we call ecology. The commons is the fellowship, customs, and hard-won lessons carried within our communities. It is the public parks, libraries, and civic spaces that welcome all as equal inheritors.
The commons is not a possession or a transaction, not merely a resource to be exploited. It is not a product that we own but a relationship that enlivens us. It honors what we hold in common - our shared humanity and the living world that shelters us. It whispers: all flourishing is mutual.
Our work is to metabolize crypto capitalism into crypto commons, where instead of building private, competitive and proprietary economic systems, we focus on creating open, inclusive, and cooperative systems of value distribution, management, and governance. Held transparently in the commons.
We have the tools needed to orchestrate a great transition, rooted in the wisdom of nature. We will blend cutting-edge science with ancient ways of knowing. We will leverage networks, cryptography, and collaborative technologies guided by a sacred commitment to the Commons — our shared gifts and inheritances.

Together, We embrace and Infinite Game

We are not victims at the whim of fate. We are creators birthing a new system through our play!
Embrace your creativity, your sense of joy, your wild abandon. For it is these qualities that will allow us to create something that is truly regenerative, transformative, and life-affirming.
So come, commoners and co-conspirators! The times call for daring, devotion and play. Let us begin the great work of commoning!

Join us!


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