Securing Your High-Risk Merchant Account

What is a high-risk merchant account?
If small business owners have been recognized as a high risk, they would never hear the definition. This can seem like an infringement of yourself or a company's business. This sometimes shows that your business poses a much bigger potential for chargebacks from a merchant provider perspective. There was no relation to what their business did in the past or how they were operating.
A high-risk merchant account is the type of business account that many merchants are looking for when starting their business. A high-risk merchant account can provide you with convenience, flexibility, and tools to manage your finances in a way that makes sense for your industry. But how do you know if you qualify? This blog post will discuss what it takes to get approved for a high-risk merchant account and some of the benefits you get once approved!
What is a high-risk merchant accounts, and how it works?
To open up a high-risk merchant account, you must find acquiring banks that can underwrite your business. However, if you would like to make any payment, it is better to contact the right payment services provider with a reliable service. And now it's time for you to know why you need that? Learn how to make an account.
Types of businesses considered high risk.
Merchant accounts are generally wary to customers with little experience with the process of payments. Bad credit signaling to your payment process that you have lacked confidence in managing your finances or are more susceptible to fraud... If you can buy anything in a typical manner for a huge sum of money, then you might as well be considered high risk. If you market to consumers in the U.S. but have an American company in a different nation, you are also likely to be exposed as a fraud perpetrator. These include airline companies, escort services, casino companies, e-cigarette vendors collection agents, fantasy sports websites, e-sports website vendors weapons wares.
High-risk credit card processing fees
When your business falls to a category referred to as high-risk merchant accounts, this may not be your fault. Unfortunately, you normally pay for the same services significantly more than the companies which are high risk. Regarding high-risk merchant accounts, it doesn't always turn up as a disaster or a fluke. When setting up these accounts, you need to remember that you can do business with an international audience that low-risk merchants can't do. However, that doesn't change that you pay more when you can afford to be part of an audience as one paying less money. What does it take for an account with high risk costs more than accounts whose risk is low?
Reasons why merchants are labeled as high risk
According to the case of the underwriters of the bank, a high-risk merchant has some limits. The greater the likelihood that a company will see a large volume of chargebacks, the larger the threat. These websites are categorized as high risk because they are more prone to cancellations due to external factors such as weather. However, for adult entertainment, there are multiple chargebacks in each branch. Other websites such as Gambling Websites are considered high risk due to a higher likelihood of more than typical numbers of chargebacks. The higher sales volume allowances, multi-currency choices, and recurring billing are advantages of using high-risk payment processing.
Why do banks and credit card processors consider my business to be high risk?
“High Risk” is an industry term and a credit card processor or bank would give it to most fantastic companies. While there are some unique factors in how the industry views every business, there are generally 3 main criteria for a high-risk designation.
How can I get my brand new business idea approved?
has helped many a startup get started at payment processing. New companies without a history of processing often face mounting hurdles that they should tackle. Soar Payments is an approved processor for new or startup businesses.
Virtual Terminal
Virtual Terminal allows you to accept payments by phone, mail order, or typed on a special website via your computer (without the use of any outside equipment) Due to the increased risk of fraud and charges, Marchant Find provides technology to protect businesses for these accounts. To learn MORE Visit
What is a low-risk merchant?
Most payment processors have specific guidelines. General indicators for low-risk merchants are as follows (though there are various other factors and it is based on a general assessment):
What is Chargeback & Risk Mitigation?
PaymentCloud offers a suite of tools that help reduce this factor as well as get you set up as quickly as possible. A chargeback dispute, fraud, or bad credit shouldn't prevent approval.
Let's Look into High-Risk Merchant Accounts
A merchant's risk level is determined by a variety of factors, not all bad. Merchants may be considered high risk if their average transaction size, industry type, typical chargeback rate or fulfillment timeframe are different than most merchants'. However this does not mean that your business will automatically have to go through additional screening with every processing company in the country.
Industries with high risk payment gateways are diverse, but they share some commonalities. For instance, there is no industry that isn't at least slightly risky--even the most upstanding ones like retail and banking aren't free of risks entirely. Here's a list of industries known for requiring high-risk merchant accounts:
1) Gambling
2) Adult Entertainment
3) Multi-Level Marketing (MLM or Network marketing), also called direct selling in Asia
4) Debt Collection & Debt Settlement, Debt Relief
a few more
Accounting & Tax Prep
Cigarettes & Tobacco
Credit Repair
Debt Consolidation
Guns & Firearms
High Volume
Nutraceuticals & Supplements
SaaS Companies
Tasers & Stun Guns
Tech Support
Web Design
Bail Bonds
Continuity & Subscriptions
Digital Download
Document Prep
Drop Shipping
Hunting & Outdoor Equipment
Jet Charter
SEO & SEM Services
Smoking Accessories
Vape & E-Cigarettes

High-Risk Merchant Services for Every Vertical
If you need a high-risk merchant processor, then contact us at Merchant Find the USA. We understand that different businesses have unique needs and we strive to provide payment gateways aimed towards your specific business type. Our experience in this area is unparalleled as well!

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