Perfect Collection Call Script

Tips and Best Practices for Creating a Successful Collection Call Script
Accounts Receivable Collection Call Scripts are a great way to improve your Accounts Receivable collection and collections process throughout. They can be used for new customers or existing customers who you haven't been able to collect from in the past. There are many types of call scripts available, but this blog post will focus on several of the most popular types:
The Traditional Outbound Approach
The Opportunity Review Approach and Handling Objections
Collection Call Script 2.png
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Hello, may I speak to John Smith? This is John Smith from OMNI Collect's. (John gets on the phone) Hi John, this is Mr. Adams with OMNI Collect's calling about your balance due of $150.00 for invoice 123! We're just checking in and making sure you've processed it - are we going ahead by mailing a check or should we wait until sometime tomorrow?
Explanation #1 -
Collection Call Script #1
John: We didn't receive invoice #123 and our accounting team needs that to finalize the month's reports. I am sorry this is taking so long but we will be happy to send it over as soon as possible!
YOU: No worries, you can also just call us if you need any additional help with anything; thanks for your patience while we get everything taken care of in an efficient manner!
Explanation #2
Collection Call Script #2
I have a copy of your PO#432 here and you listed an incorrect price of $1.00 each when the correct price is $1.25 each, so it sounds like this invoice might not be processed for payment at all! How can we get these two in sync?
call script 4.png
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YOU: I am so glad you received the order. Can you process it right away? We need to fix this before we can sell our customers anything else or our customers will be unhappy with us and leave!
A customer just placed an order, how exciting for them, let's do everything in our power to make the customer experience that satisfaction and make sure the customer experience that they are not disappointed when their product arrives.
Explanation #3:
Debt Collection Call Script #3
John told me that the check is on Frank’s desk to be signed, he just hasn't signed it yet and he's out today. I need a number so I can reach him asap! Get his direct line then call Frank or voice mail--get creative with text messages with your tone of urgency in hopes they will get priority attention. If possible find who made the sale and ask them for help too- if not immediately contact any salesperson involved
Explanation #4:
Debt Collection Call Script #4
John: I really wanted to make this happen for you but we are in a cash crunch and it looks like payment won't be coming through any time soon.
YOU: John, I am sorry to hear that you are in a tough position. In order for this invoice to be paid before the due date of March 1st- so it does not escalate any further out of my hands and into yours - we need an agreement on payment terms today by 3 pm eastern standard time.
YOU: I need your help with a small thing. I am happy to receive 80% of the balance today and send a confirmation letter later, but my supervisor needs this information as soon as possible! Please get back to me by email or phone call if you can make it happen before 5:00 pm PST.
Call Script 5.png
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Phone Call #2 Follow-Up
Debt Collection Call Script #2.1
Hello, my name is David Adams from OMNI Collect's credit department. I am calling to discuss Invoice 123 with you because we haven't received payment yet and need this resolved right away so that there are no negative repercussions on our business relationship going forward. When talking about the invoice earlier today it seemed as if you were already aware of everything related to your non-payment and understood why it was happening - can you help me understand what might have changed?
John promises to pay his overdue payments now.
John quickly apologized for forgetting about the payment and promised he would take care of it right away.
YOU: Thank you for your understanding and kind assistance. I will keep a close eye on the situation to make sure everything is running smoothly. If there's anything at all that comes up, please don't hesitate to give me a call or send over an email anytime! Take care of yourself now and have a good day."
call script 6.png
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Phone Call & Email #3 Follow-Up Style
Debt Collection Call Script #3.1
I am writing to you again because I know that this issue is important for our company and we need a resolution. This matter has the potential of disrupting your services so it's in both our best interests to resolve this as soon as possible. What can be done about getting paid?
YOU: I hope not much time needs passed before receiving payment, but if it does please contact me immediately by emailing customer support@companyname .com or calling toll-free 1-800 number xxx) yyyy [sic] ext #______
JOHN: Customer will explain why their payment has not gone through. They could be disputing the invoice and you should refer to our Dispute call script in that case. If they have a bigger reason for failure, escalate this immediately to senior management or if there is no other explanation given by the customer and they say that they are going to pay, process it right away because we need those funds!
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#1 ( Collection Call Script )
If you’re following the digital debt collection and collections call strategy we’ve provided in above posts, your first collection call will be scheduled about 15 days after the original due date of an invoice. This is often referred to as a courtesy call since it's just past-due and you don't want to say anything accusatory or overly aggressive during this initial phone call.
Hello, this is [your name] with [company]. To whom am I speaking?
I’m calling to follow up on invoice number __________ for $_______ that seems to be XXX days past due. I wanted to ensure there isn't a problem and if everything's in order find out when payment will be made. {Client states that there is a problem}Well, let me get you the right person who can take care of it then! What was your issue again?
Thank you. I’ll look for the check in the mail over the next few days, and will inquire again if it doesn't come through as expected. Our terms are net [XX], and we try to keep our customers and borrowers' accounts in good standing so they as borrowers and lenders can take advantage of all that credit we've extended! We also accept payment by credit card, ACH or wire transfer Would you like me to send instructions on how this works?
I'm sorry to hear that. Our terms are net [XX], and this invoice is now [XX] days old. We still have a few options for getting your payment in, such as credit card or ACH payments which can get the funds on our account within 24 hours; alternatively you can choose wire transfer if there's no time limit involved with when we need to receive it by but it will take up one business day of processing before they're available at the bank - make sure these instructions arrive today so we know what type of service works best!
call script 2.png
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Dear Client,
I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing trouble with your payment. It sounds like a mistake was made on our end by not sending the invoice for this project in time - it's now [XX] days old! This is an error we take very seriously and want to fix ASAP so that you can keep working hard without worrying about missing due dates or late fees. Our terms are net 30 (meaning if there were any problems I would've reached out right away), but as long as something didn't happen during transit, please allow me one more day before calling up Paypal just yet. Believe me when I say these types of mistakes have happened only once since my employment here at Company Name Incorporated; they'll be in touch.
{Client answers with no problem, but the payment is scheduled for later or not at all}
I'm sorry to hear that. Our terms are net [XX], and this invoice is now [XX] days old. Is there a way to expedite this payment so we can get it in today's mail? We also accept payments via credit card, ACH (electronic funds transfer), wire transfers; would you like me to send instructions on how else I could help process your next due date fee/payment?
call script 9.png
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2nd ( Collection Call Script )
Hello, [Client’s name]. This is [PERSON] from ([COMPANY NAME]). I called because it seems you have not yet paid for your order of ____. We last spoke on ___(date)__ when you told me a check was coming in the mail and that we would speak again on or before ___(date).
However, our records show no payment has been received to date. {The client responds by stating they sent out their letter 5 days ago} That should've reached us by now! Can I confirm the address where you mailed this?
Hi, [client’s name]. This is [your name] with [company's name]. I'm calling about the $ __________ invoice you have for our company. We last spoke when you said that a check would be mailed to us on date and it has not arrived yet. Can we confirm your address?
Hello, [Client’s name]. This is [PERSON] from ([COMPANY NAME]). I called because it seems you have not yet paid for your order of ____. We last spoke on ___(date)__ when you told me a check was coming in the mail and that we would speak again on or before ___(date).
However, our records show no payment has been received to date. {The client responds by stating they sent out their letter 5 days ago} That should've reached us by now! Can I confirm the address where you mailed this?
{Client answers they could not send the check}
I'm sorry, I cannot take your word for it. We need you to be able to make a payment today in order to get this resolved and avoid any risk of further debt collections due on our end. If that is not possible then we can set up an alternative option which will allow you time pay off some of what's owed without the risk of running into other fees or penalties from us!
We're sorry to hear that you couldn't send the check. We do accept a variety of methods, including credit cards and ACHs so there shouldn't be any issues with getting this taken care of today! If paying off your balance in full is not possible at this time we would love to discuss setting up an affordable payment plan for our mutual benefit. I want all my clients' accounts current as much as they do - it'll help avoid collections actions from happening further down the line when bills start coming due again.
{Client answers they could not send the check}
I see you customers are struggling with paying your balance, and I want to help. We accept all major credit cards as well as ACHs or wire transfers of any amount for payment processing. If you can't pay everything today, we also offer customers a monthly payment plan that will be available on our website soon!
call script 3.png
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3rd ( Collection Call Script )
If you still haven’t received payment from your customer, it’s time to make one last call before sending them off to collections departments. The third collection call is usually necessary when the invoice has been unpaid for an extended period of time—typically 75 days past-due or more. At this point, there's not a lot left that we can do on our end so don't take any drastic measures like turning them over to collections agencies and taking legal action without first trying some less extreme options such as negotiating with their account manager in order to get what they owe us back - which will also save both parties (customer and company) a whole lot of headache down the line!
Hello, [client’s name]. This is [your name] with the office of __________. I hope you are doing well this morning! We wanted to reach out and see if we could get a quick update on your account today so that we can avoid any potential issues in the future. Specifically, have you received our previous communications via SMS, emails or phone calls/voicemail messages? If not, feel free to call us back or reply via email at: .
We really appreciate taking time out during your busy day for all these follow-ups - it's been difficult getting in contact lately but should be much easier now since there was an improvement after last month's payment plan compliance meeting (and because January has already passed). Let me know what else you to resolve this.
Hi, [client's name]. First of all I want to thank you for making that payment. It really means a lot to me and my company. Second of all, please don't forget about your account or else the consequences will be unfortunate because we might start referring this case over to our legal team who can pursue civil action against you in court if it goes unpaid again. Let's not let things get out-of-hand and put us both through unnecessary stress!
Hello, [client’s name]. Thank you for taking my call again. I hope we can resolve this account today because otherwise it will have to go through a third party which could lower your credit rating. Let's work together to avoid that and get some money in so you don't needlessly lose points with the lender just yet!
My name is _______ from Company Name here on behalf of Invoice #__________ ($________________). We're now past due by quite a bit as noted both above and below - would $50 per week be possible? If not then please give me an idea about what amount might make sense for us moving forward.
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