Boosting Debt Collections with Speech Analytics AI

There are many debt collection solutions available for businesses, but few offer the advantages of Artificial Intelligence and Speech Analytics. These two tools can help improve debt collections by analyzing customer behavior patterns to maximize a debt collector's ability to make contact with an individual who is overdue on their debt. This blog post will share how these resources can be used to boost your debt collection success rate.
Create Competition: How Your Customers Can Win

are some of the tools that can help managers in collections agencies to better engage their employees. These technologies allow supervisors to rank agents based on performance, providing clear goals for them so work is both more challenging and fun.
Trainers: Quality, Consistent Feedback for Faster Training

Artificial intelligence is here to help. It can eliminate lag time between call and feedback by analyzing speech analytics software that helps agents perform better faster using habits which form easily as people get used to their routines while it becomes harder for employers over time due to the more difficult nature of changing behaviors later on down the line.
You Can't Give Up On PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is a necessity for any business that accepts credit cards. If you're not in the know, PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and it protects customers' information by keeping your payment card data safe under their strict guidelines which can be difficult to meet without help from software like Intel Security's McAfee Web Site Advisor or Symantec Data Loss Prevention Platform (DLP) Insight. For collections agencies who need redactions of other sensitive info such as social security numbers and drivers license ids, artificial intelligence has helped make this process easier through automated speech analytics measures which are much more efficient than manual methods used before!
Dispositions: Confirm
Artificial intelligence and speech analytics is changing the way collections agencies do business. It will soon be impossible to assess contact database strength without dispositions that are comprehensive enough, which cannot happen if these companies continue using inaccurate information when assessing call techniques.
Calling All Callers: Scoring and Tracking Calls

Collections agencies now have the ability to automatically use speech analytics software and artificial intelligence tools that help them identify every agents strengths and weaknesses. This helps managers focus their time on what each agent needs more coaching in, rather than doing it manually which is inefficient for many collections agencies with thousands of conversations per day.
Objective Scores for Each Call

When the scoring of a call is done manually, complex workplace dynamics and pre-existing relationships can influence their score. There are times where bias may be intentional or unintentional but when using artificial intelligence (AI), this has been eliminated with more accurate scores that take longer phone conversations into account than if they were scored by hand in shorter ones lasting 5 minutes or less.
Successful Debt Collections - A/B Tests

The collection industry has never been more competitive than it is today with collectors in need of any possible edge they can get. This includes tracking the performance of different script lines, and incorporating artificial intelligence to provide insight into what works best on who for a given situation.
A/B testing was once reserved only for those at an enterprise level, but now even smaller companies are able to use A/B testing due to new software that makes this process easier than ever before! When you want your callers talking themselves out of debt faster then start by implementing one or two things from these scripts: "We’ve noticed some great success" vs "I’m here because I owe money".
The FDCPA: Rules and Regulations
Artificial intelligence software is used as a means of protection for collections agencies and agents. The reason being, artificial intelligence detects four types of behavior prohibited by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA): harassment, unsubstantiated threats or threatening arrest; false claims are also monitored with speech analytics technology during phone communications to ensure safe work conditions both for employees and their clients.
Put Your Mind at Ease: Automatically Track KPIs

Artificial intelligence and speech analytics software may be able to help agencies track KPIs such as successful contact and first-call collection. In order for artificial intelligence, these benchmarks must have been set beforehand by the company or individual; however that might be defined over time. The great thing about this is if agents miscategorize their dispositions while using AI it's not a problem because they are "tracking" outcomes rather than categorizing them with human error which has historically occurred in past collections practices where numerators would count calls but denominators wouldn't follow up on those unsuccessful contacts when taking into account call duration times so there were no accurate numbers of how many abandoned conversations happened across hours/days etc., With this data tracked at all levels--at an aggregate

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