Auto Dialer vs. Free Predictive Voice Broadcasting

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Which Works Better and What Are the Key Differences?

Automation is changing the world. It is eliminating repetitive tasks and processes. Sales teams are also using it to ditch manual work. It has become necessary to stay ahead of the competition. When it comes to the best sales automation solutions, two solutions come to mind. They include a free predictive dialer and auto dialer software.
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Both of the solutions handle the monotonous work of the sales process. The truth is that it is not a one-step process to close deals. Instead, it involves repetitive tasks and multiple follow-ups. It can be time-consuming for sales representatives to manually go through the after-call work, such as manually deciding who to call and dial the number. Other tasks include writing notes, remembering key points, and call logging. With the help of free predictive dialer software and , sales agents can focus on closing deals. This post aims to equip you with all the information about the two solutions to determine which one is the best for your business and increase bottom-line growth.
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What Establishes the Need For Free Predictive Dialer and Free Auto Dialer Software?

The first thing you need to know is the reason behind free predictive dialer software and auto dialer software. If your business is not achieving growth, the chances are that you will think about sales. Mere human fingers are just not enough when it comes to closing more deals. It can be challenging for sales representatives to handle multiple mundane and repetitive tasks, as mentioned below.
Decide which prospect to contact and dial their number manually
Wasting time waiting for the desired prospect to attend the call
Going through the sales script if the call gets answered
Jotting down notes while recalling all the important points once the call ends
Reviewing notes of previous calls with the same prospect
Recording and sending a voicemail to reach out to prospects that do not attend the call
Including selected leads to campaigns
Spending a few hours daily doing data entry and logging calls

Now, it does not mean that you require a complete robot solution. However, nobody enjoys sending voicemails and performing all sorts of manual tasks. Besides, you are unlikely to have the time to understand prospects or establish a relationship with them when the sales representatives are busy performing the most basic of tasks. Using a software solution is the only answer. It could help take your sales game to new heights.
Sales automation tools such as free predictive dialer software and are the way to go!

They help improve your sales process. The best thing about these automation tools is that they do not remove the human touch from the sales process. On the other day, they enable the sales agents to perform their very best. All the mundane and repetitive tasks are handled by the free auto dialer software and auto dialer software. Research shows that companies that opt for sales automation and continue to have a human touch outperform competitors. It was also found that automation tools can help improve growth by up to five times compared to companies that do not use such tools.
Difference between the free auto dialer software and auto dialer software. Although both the software handles the automatic dialer operations, there are specific differences that you need to know, as mentioned below.
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Predictive Dialer Software
Machine learning and algorithms are used by to ensure that the sales team wastes no time. The software can dial multiple numbers at the same time. Then, it connects the agent to the call only if it gets answered. This helps remove the possibility of time getting wasted due to manually dialing numbers and waiting for route calls to get answered, including call recording. As for ringless voicemail drops, sales representatives can send saved voice mail.
The advanced algorithms leveraged by the free auto dialer software allow it to predict the availability of agents, as the name suggests. It calculates the time it takes for the agent to attend calls and manages calls based on such predictions. Patterns are observed from previous calls to make up these predictions. As multiple calls are made by the free predictive dialer simultaneously, and sales representatives are connected when calls are answered, a ton of time is saved.
When running a free predictive dialer campaign, there is a need for a team of agent availability to be available. All active calls would be transferred to those agents that are available. However, the call would remain in the queue if no agent is available to take the call. As multiple agents would handle the calls, not just a single call, the business would devote more time to each prospect and improve performance.
With a free predictive dialer, your business has the potential to reach out to more opportunities in comparison to manual dialing. Thus, the sales representatives focus on closing deals as all the repetitive tasks are handled by the software.

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Interested in a free trial for an auto-dialer? Our service is the perfect solution to help you make more calls, save time and money.
The Ideal Use Case for Free Predictive Dialer Software

When it comes to using the free predictive dialer software, contact centers, support teams, big sales teams, and enterprises will be the best option. As there would be multiple active calls, the system would require a team of agents to take on the calls.
If your outbound sales campaign involves a high call volume, it is a solution that agents can utilize. It would ensure that they get more time to persuade prospects or gather information. Manual tasks such as logging calls, dialing numbers, taking notes, and save them onto the CRM would be taken care of. In fact, the benefits of the system are meaningful for call centers. The representatives would get to listen to prospects truly.
Industries such as real estate, insurance, finance, and others that deal with a considerable number of calls will find the free predictive dialer to be just what they need. It would cover all of the pain points so that agents can focus on improving performance.
Interested in a free trial for an auto-dialer? Our service is the perfect solution to help you make more calls, save time and money.
Free Auto Dialer - Call Recording

To put the free auto dialer software to use, you first need to upload a list of prospects and start the campaign. The software would dial the numbers in a sequence. Thus, no contact would be missed, and the risk of dialing the wrong number would be eliminated. Like the free predictive dialer, sales representatives can drop saved voicemail if the call is not answered.
This allows the team to save time as they would not need to record a new voicemail and send them. Remote agents and small support teams will find the free auto dialer software to be perfect. There would be a single line which means that one call would be made at a time. The system would miss not a single prospect.
Single-line free auto dialer software, around 75 to 80 calls can be made in an hour
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Interested in a free trial for an auto-dialer? Our service is the perfect solution to help you make more calls, save time and money.
The Ideal Use Case for Free Auto Dialer
If a small or medium-sized business is interested in improving the efficiency of its sales, it will find the free auto dialer software to be the right choice. It is also suitable for agents working remotely or entrepreneurs as it provides a complete calling solution.
The best thing about deliberate calling is that it makes sure that agents get to make meaningful conversations and take proper notes. Small teams can use the system to offer personalized assistance to customers. Automation allows for personalization to be improved.
How Free Predictive Dialers Software and Automated Dialer Software act as a Dialing Hand for the Sales Team?
Dialer technology advancement has resulted in the free predictive dialer and best auto dialer software emerging as the most intelligent sales teams and call centers. Both the software dials numbers and eliminates the need to determine which prospect to contact, dial, and the possibility of human errors. It filters unanswered calls. Only when the previous call has ended are new calls made. This ensures that sales representatives save time which they can utilize for persuading high-value prospects.
The following are some of the instances where the software can boost sales team productivity.
1. Time Savings for Determining Which Prospect to Contact and Manually Dialing Numbers

When it comes to dialing manually, it quickly takes about 15 to 25 seconds for each number to be dialed. It might not seem like a lot of time. However, if you have thousands of calls, it would quickly add up. The progressive dialers and auto dialer solution eliminate this manual, repetitive work. Numbers are called directly from the list, and there is no risk of error.
Besides, the sales representatives do not need to determine which number to contact. As for the free predictive dialer would only connect the agent to a call if it gets answered. Voicemail can also be dropped.
Both the dialers handle all the time-consuming tasks. They make sure that the sales representatives spend time making conversations and win sales. Thus, the free predictive and auto-dialers saves about 1 to 2 hours for each agent every day, which they get to use for more closures and conversions.
2. Automatically Save Notes and Log Calls

While the sales representative is on the call, the free predictive software and the auto dialers automatically save notes and log calls. When you get off the phone from a high-value prospect and receive an inbound call instead of completing the call recording, follow-up work, such as writing notes and moving it to the following pipeline, prevents you from getting the job done.
Besides, the manual search would prevent you from seeing the details of the caller. Thus, you would have forgotten crucial information by this time.
The above situation could have been easily tackled with the help of robust features offered by the free predictive software and auto dialer software. It would enable the agent to save notes easily. Moreover, there is also the option to set a disposition code and rate the call once the call concludes. A disposition code is a code that refers to calls that involve prospects who are interested or require a follow-up and so on.
The software enables you to create campaigns based on these disposition codes, which are saved in the CRM integration.
3. Boost Agent Talk Time and Ensure Meaningful Conversation

A key benefit of free predictive software and auto dialer software is that it helps boost agent talk time, unlike in a manual dialing scenario. As idle time is minimized and the call connect ratio improves, agents can spend more time speaking with the prospects.
When agents take on inbound immediately calls, the screen would be filled with agile CRM data to provide details about the call. A profile badge is offered whenever an inbound call is received. This profile badge offers all the information that agents need to see previous conversations and all details. Therefore, it should be clear that the two phone dialer software help improve the quality of calls and reduce missed calls. Consequently, you should have no trouble managing outbound campaigns. Each incoming call would be handled with great care.
4. Call Monitoring, Analytics, and Reporting

To ensure that sales representatives perform well, sales managers have a responsibility to keep an eye on their performance at all times. However, it cannot be easy to do so in the case of a heavy outbound calling campaign. This is where the free predictive dialer and auto dialer software come in handy. They make it easy to measure the performance of each agent based on campaigns and more.
The comprehensive analytics dashboards and reporting options make it very easy to gather valuable insights into agents' performance to make decisions.
Multiple metrics can be tracked on the dashboard, such as telephone outreach, campaign management, call reporting, real-time call logs, total call duration, average call duration, total dialed calls, outbound sales strategy, and others. The best thing about these metrics is that they are straightforward to understand.
They assist sales managers in analyzing better how sales representatives are performing.
With the latest software offers, you get a dashboard that enables you to monitor ongoing calls. It includes call whispering-speak to , call monitoring-simply listen to understand the active phone calls and join the call. Therefore, businesses can utilize the features to ensure successful team performance. As bottlenecks can be removed, it would become much easier to train sales representatives for effective communication.
5. Eliminates Human Error

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on when they use the software, it is the fact that it eliminates human error. With accurate notes, you get to use them as an effective weapon. Sales representatives can use the letters for reference in the future and evaluation. If you find the sales representatives spending most of their time with manual data entry and inaccuracies, you must use the software. It would prevent a lost deal.
Moreover, time wasted on manual entries could be better utilized for making valuable sales deals.
The free predictive dialer offers note-taking features that ensure that nothing goes missing. Every single important point discussed with prospects would be saved. Besides, the notes would be saved onto the free CRM third-party integrations, which means that the information can be later accessed.
6. Run Outbound Calling Campaigns

Finally, the software makes it possible to run outbound calling campaigns with minimal effort. It would generate the desired list and start making calls to handle thousands of phone calls every day. It handles everything, from dialing numbers to transferring calls to leaving a voicemail if a call goes unanswered.
The capabilities of the system help remove the hassle of creating a list of customers. Thus, you get to kick-start outbound calling campaigns without having to put in any effort. The disposition codes would be used for preparing a list, and the prospects will be contacted accordingly so that agents can close the deal in minimal time.
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Interested in a free trial for an auto-dialer? Our service is the perfect solution to help you make more calls, save time and money.

Before: You are tired of making phone calls manually and want to save time. You've tried using a predictive dialer before, but it never worked for you!
After: Imagine having an autodialer that can make thousands of calls in just one hour, so you can focus on other important tasks; it's easy to use and allows your team members to work from anywhere at any time with internet access. The software is also affordable, which means you don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment or long-term contracts.
The Predictive Dialer saves time by automatically calling leads while your team members work on more important tasks like closing deals or servicing customers. It works 24/7 with human intervention required
Standard benefits:
- Save time and money by automating your customer service.
- Get the best out of your team.
- Optimize productivity levels.
- No need to manually dial all the numbers.
- Increase your sales potential by having a team of agents.
- Maximize your productivity levels.
- Save time and money on hiring an assistant.

Emotional benefits:
- Be a more efficient business owner.
- Spend less time on tedious tasks.
- The software is easy to use and will make you more productive in less time.
- You'll be able to grow your business without any hassle because it's so simple.
- Reduce the stress of handling customer service alone.
- Stop worrying about the cost of staffing a call center all day, every day
- Get the positive feedback you deserve.

Once you have gone over this post, you will know everything about multiple contacts . There is no denying that both the software are amazing and enable you to maximize productivity levels. If you have an idea about the number of calls that need to be made every day and the team size, you would determine which option to go with.
As for the call center, the software will supercharge agents and ensure that they can handle as many calls as possible. Since multiple active calls would be made instantly, they would get to take on more prospects.
The call center software dialer would also ensure contact details, real-time analytics, telephone numbers, live call agent, call transfer, real-time reporting, answering machine detection, call recording, inbound calls, outbound call centers, outbound calls, call activity, call monitoring, customer interaction, interactive voice response, caller id, agents availability, text messages, pre defined period, call logging, agent productivity, incorrect contact dialing monitoring, disposition codes, and sales scripts all within customer relationship management. It is as reliable as it gets as a center solution using all-in-one progressive dialers.
On the other hand, small support teams and entrepreneurs who want personalized conversation will find the free auto dialer software the perfect option. The free autodialer would only dial a single contact at a time. Agents can utilize the sales scripts and notes for getting prepared. A sales agent makes about 30 to 50 days on average. However, intelligent sales dialers such as free predictive dialers software auto-dialer software enable agents to exponentially increase their daily outbound sales calls. The solution that might be best for your business comes down to your requirements.

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