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Program Introduction
The Center’s main objective is to help FinTech entrepreneurs get their product to market and scale. For pre-revenue startups that means helping them along three core stages- (1) POC/Beta, (2) Production, and then (3) Growth.
At each point in the process, a startup needs various levels of feedback, mentorship, and connections that can help them move forward efficiently and prudently. At times, this can mean getting voice-of-the-customer (VOC) feedback, market knowledge, domain expertise, entrepreneurial feedback, strategic assessments, etc. As such, our program is designed to connect startups to the right individuals and institutions who can help them move forward in these areas and to overcome the many hurdles that entrepreneurs face. This ultimately helps members get to product-fit most successfully and helps them build a high growth business.
Program: Time Commitment
During onboarding, your time commitment averages about 3 hours per week. Thereafter, programming will be 1-2 hours per week at your discretion. While not all post-onboarding sessions will be relevant to your startup, you are expected to maintain active engagement throughout the year. In addition, there are ecosystem, industry, customer and social events at the Center not included in the above.
Requirements & Expectations
The primary requirement is that your company must house a founder at the Center for a minimum of 50% of their time while in the program. While there are no formal program attendance requirements, there is an expectation that founders will engage in Center programming and events in a meaningful way and be a valuable contributor to the Center community.
In short, we have a simple goal for ourselves and for our Members, which is to advance FinTech products, to support FinTech startup growth, and to build an engaging community. Participants get out of the program what they and their Cohort peers invest in it and we expect that our Members honor these goals.
In addition, there will be a minimum reporting requirement in order for the Center to effectively conduct its operations as a non-equity accelerator.
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