A silly game for 2+ players
Round 1: Two players think of a random word
I've got a word!

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Already used words from older rounds (avoid repeating them):

🎓 How to play
This is an old camp / improv game that’s also sometimes known as “Got It” or “Mind Meld”
Copy the doc and invite a friend (or a bunch of friends!)
The goal of the game is for two people to independently think of the same word
Only two players can submit words each round
For the first round, just think of a random word
In later rounds your goal is to try to think of what word joins or relates the previous round’s pair of words
Don’t re-use words that have already been submitted in a previous round
When the submitted pair of words matches, you’ve won!
Converging is easier when your guesses are simple: remember, you only win when someone else thinks of the same word
Don’t overthink it in a group or you might not get to submit any words. Be bold: only two people can submit guesses each round
You’re only trying to converge the two words from the previous round, even though you want to avoid repeating words from prior rounds
When you’re feeling stuck, a random or “bad” guess might be just what the group needs to escape a rut!
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