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January 29, 2022
It’s been a while!
On January 4, 2020, I told some friends and family that I’m writing a novel and invited them to read along as I wrote it. Between that day and today, a few things happened. Here’s a timeline:
February 2: I posted the first scene.
February, later: Wendy and I decided to move to North Carolina. I began preparations for the job search process.
March 12: The pandemic reached the U.S., and my family had our last restaurant meal before hunkering down for “a couple weeks.”
March 17: I posted the next two scenes.
March–November: Job search and move prep.
November 16: I started my new North Carolina-based job.
December: My family drove from Utah to North Carolina. We closed on a house.
January: We found out Wendy was pregnant! We moved in to our new house.
January–June: Pregnancy and at-home kindergarten and new job.
June 23: Wendy gave birth to our third child!
June–December: We have a newborn. We don’t have sleep.

The flame for this project has waxed and waned, but it’s never gone out. And now, after a couple full years, I’m back in the saddle.
Since my last post, the story has changed quite a bit. The changes are mostly in a storyline that I haven’t shared yet; even so, I’ll be making some minor tweaks to the first three scenes. (Of note: Hugh no longer grew up on an orchard but in Kingmouth, and his parents are very much still alive.)
Today I’m posting the first half of a fourth scene. Take a look!
Read the latest (half) scene
P.S. As you may have noticed, I’ve moved this draft to a new home. I love Coda. It’s where I do all my stuff these days, so I figured I’d put my draft here too.

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