LCC eLearning

Test Sites

This project will develop and implement testing sites for both the and sites. These sites will be used to test:
New Plugin Installations
Site Content Reorganizations
Wordpress Theme Changes
Other significant site changes as necessary.
They may also potentially be used as a staging area to test updates to site pages and content, to improve ID workflow. This would allows Instructional Designers and other members of the elearning team to develop documentation and pages ahead of time in Wordpress, and then push the content out to production sites once the new feature has launched.
Instructor Test Site:
Student Test Site:
Test Site Locations / Credentials
The sites are protected by the plugin to prevent outside users from accidentally accessing the testing sites. This will allow us to test new features, layouts and themes without making them public, and still protecting the integrity of our production sites. To access the WordPress Dashboard for the test sites, append /wp-admin/ to the end of the test site URL (i.e. You can use the same credentials to login to the dashboard as the production WordPress sites.
PW: V**7rUF4uiQJaY
Content Update Process
In order to isolate and protect the production environment, there is no direct way to import created WordPress content from the test to production sites, or vice versa. This means we will continue to add and edit content, including: pages, posts, sliders, and eLearning Live events in the production environment. An initial exploration of this project was to determine if there was an easy way we could schedule updates from test to production—this ended up not being possible.
Theme / Organization Update Process
Continued WordPress development will first be done in a local development environment set up using . This is available for both Mac and PC if other members of the eLearning team would like to setup their own local environments, or if a future person comes into the role.
Initial development of new features will be done on this local test environment to work out as many bugs as possible in an environment that is completely removed from the Once the development has been tested, it will be moved to the test sites. Once it is live on the test sites, it can be tested in an environment that is closer to production and available for multiple people to test.

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