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Needs Improvment
If more than one answer is allowed, then question should indicate "check all that apply."
The quizzes were almost enough... I would have preferred being prsented with quizzes before reading any content and then engaging with the feedback... I dunno. I guess it's just how I learn.
Quiz questions are too detailed. Eazy to do most of the process with D2L up on the screen in front of you, not so much when your asked to recall the process blind.
The questions that ask you to put the steps in order are not very helpful. Remembering all the steps comes with repetition, not after one viewing. It would be better to quiz where to find each task, and/or have a tutorial with detailed steps.
The questions which required putting specific steps in order were frustrating, because of the "all-or-nothing" point value. I would suggest a new or varied format for these questions.
the put in order questions were difficult, the videos gave a lot of information in a short time period, so it was hard to retain the exact steps to answer the questions correctly
Videos were not accessible for Lessons 8 and 9 this morning - don't know if that was a fluke; and loaded very slowly (2-3 min) for Lessons 10 and 11. Quiz on Kaltura for Lesson 11 did not indicate that multiple answers were allowed for Q's 4, 5 and 8. Otherwise, well done! Thank you.
The ordering quiz questions were not helpful- I got these wrong even when I was answering questions about skills that I use every day
The questions about "steps" to take are not useful as nobody has to remember mini-steps to accomplish the task.
Helpful tips for navigating D2L. Modules were separated clearly. Some of the "put in the correct order" questions were too long
Some of the questions on the quiz (such as closed captioning on Kaltura) didn't line up with the didn't state that you had to close caption: ". Once created, videos are uploaded into My Media within D2L where they **can** be closed captioned for accessibility" Several steps were also not expressed in the lesson, such as "assessment tab" as a step...
Many of the questions seem too specific in terms of interface if one is seeing the D2L interface for the first time (tap "New Folder", tap "New", then type "Enter".) Instead of quizzes, I'd like a test class that you walk me through making real changes in. That way I can view the interface (which I've never seen before) while interacting with and learning the tools.
There were several "numbered order" quiz questions that contained options NOT discussed in either the video or the written lesson (e.g., Lessons 8 and 10). This sets the user up for failure and frustration.
Placing 9 steps in order from recall is a bit much.
Need to make sure content covers the quiz questions
I veive the "stepped" questions on the quizzes were not helpful. The questions in this "How to" step format requires the user to visualize the screen from memory. That's very difficult if you are a visual learner, so I feel these questions don't help to learn the process.
Very good training. The wording of some of the quiz questions can be improved upon.
well organized, though there were a few quiz questions that did not seem to be in the content of the related pages
Not sure quizzes are necessary. Not everyone thrives by being quized on information that may or may not be utililzed.
The questions I missed most often were when more than one answer was required. Maybe make that more clear?
In Lesson 3 Quiz, question 5, the video lesson made it seem like you could only see summarized class data from Classlist, but the answers seem to say you can view individual student data from class list. There seems to be a discrepancy there.
While I understand the put into order questions in the quizzes, some of them are difficult when the number of steps is greater than six. Also cannot remmember which quiz question is was but, ordering was complicated by the numbe3r of steps was greater than six & two of the step options were very similiarly worded, like "" and "save and close." Also, would be nice in the intro to give an estimated time for completion of the 11 lessons. I did them all the way through and it was a bit stressful toward the end. May recommend to split it into two or three "units" so that you're more likely to take a break. Information was good and well organized, I even learned how to do two things that I did not know; like, how to assess and link a discussion post grade into a grade book item and was able to set up links to instructor resources for kaltura editting and WEbEx tools. So THANK YOU!
Excellent training. It would be nice if the link to the video and quiz was aligned with the lesson number. I found myself clicking on the lesson several times before realizing I needed to scroll up to access the lesson/video.
I took this Training in March and fro some reason it wasnt noted that I completed it. This is my second time taking this training. Even going through this yet again, the 50-60 min time slot isn't fully accurate inorder to fully digest the material. It took me the first time three hours and the second time 2. Though I find this helpful I do wish that we were given a hardcopy of this training to utilize later if nessisary instead of reading though on the computer. Everything was well organized.
Every video ends with the suggestion to check out the Additional Resources below before moving on. I did this at least through half of this training and it minimally doubled my time. It's misleading to say this training only takes 50-60 minutes as a result. The extra resources have enhanced my learning, yet my commitment to the timeframe was not congruent with what I had scheduled.
Need hands-on option with this material.
It would be nice to have been provided this training as a New Hire, because now that I am two years into teaching, it has become a requirement, and I've already learned the majority of this content on my own.
The training is very helpful. It might be beneficial to suggest ways to finish it over time. Eg. 2 units per sitting or per day.or 5 units one day and 6 the next. The extra resources were nicely organized in the units. Is that the best way to get back to them later? Suggest best way to reach resources.
The multiple formats on one page was very confusing. It made it look like there was additional content that was required before being able to move on.
It would have been nice to be able to more easily reference the written material when taking the quiz.
This was entirely to long.
Attempting to learn three formats was a little challenging.
Teaching Online with D2L- Training - Lesson 7- Utilizing Manage Files in D2L - Quiz Question 2: Put the steps for uploading files into Manage Files in the proper order. This was not taught in the lesson.
Some of the content wording seemed inconsistent with the process questions.
Overall, it was a good training. I think there is room for improvement. I think the videos did not provide enough information to take the quiz. I think the info in the video should be consistent with the written material. For example, the video did not cover downloading or uploading in managing files, but these things were tested. Overall, I think it would have been more helpful to give an assignment that required people to go into D2L to do the task such as uploading content. I know we will do this in the course, but some people learn better by doing than by taking a test. That's more helpful than a quiz. The assignment would be based on completing the assignment not the assessment/quiz.
I thought it seemed advanced for a new user.
In some areas the steps were very clear and in other areas not as much. Sometimes there would be the same names Assessments vs Assessment tab which is confusing to those that haven't used it yet. I guess it will be more clear when I'm actually using it.
The training felt a little redundant. I figured a lot of this out the first semester I was teaching
For discussions, I would have like to see specific examples of forum and topic
Hands on activities where the user actually sets up some quizes or puts up some content would be more helpful in actual learning
This training would be infinitely more useful if instructors had access to a practice course shell in which they could complete a simple hands on assignment for each lesson.
Would be helpful to pair w/ a sandbox course (though maybe faculty taking this already have one), so concepts can be practiced during training.
The written guide was often confusing to read. More pictures or written in a seperated step by step format may be helpful.
Great information & well presented. The only way to make this better is to have some interactive componenet, utilizing each module & objective in addition to viewing/reading instructions.
I need further face to face assistance
I liked the videos, but they move quickly. Also, I don't like the questions that require choosing the steps. Some of the steps are long and complicated. Those we will learn by trial and error when we complete the tasks. Those questions with steps are long and challenging and not helpful.
I appreciated the additional resource section following the lesson. I thought the video were a little to fast. Overall good.
Soemtimes videos had too much information. I will never remember all the steps for everything so not sure that the quiz questions were best practice. Might be a better question to ask where I can find the steps as an instructor resource!
Great training. Please consider 1. adding more information about creating questions in a Quiz Question LIBRARY 2. adding more "voice actors" to help viewers focus On another note, please consider making more d2l vidoes for non-native speakers of English. The available student d2l training covers lots of material very fast, which makes it inaccessible for d2l and English beginners. Thank you, again, this was a very helpful training.
I liked the videos but the speaker spoke very fast.
The videos are well presented and easy to follow, my only suggestion would be to slow down slightly on talking. The voice didn't give time to process before talking about the next topic.
The background music and fast screen movement in the first video was not helpful for my learning, but the written material and using those printed for quizes helped.

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