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[su_tab title="Learner Awards" disabled="no" anchor="awards" class=""]
<img class="alignright" src="" alt="" width="388" height="193" />

<p>The <em>Learner Awards</em> Widget shows students the badges they’ve earned as well as unearned badges that are available in the course. Students can quickly gauge their progress and push themselves to earn all the badges in the course. For more information on implementing badges in your course, please visit the <a href="">Awards</a> page.
<strong>NOTE:</strong> This widget currently only displays <em>badges</em>, not <em>certificates</em>.
<h4>Highlights / Use Cases</h4>
<li>This widget requires that badges be implemented in the course.</li>
<li>Pulls from already created awards—no extra configuration required!</li>
<li>Badges are an excellent way provide motivation (and friendly competition) to learners who are extrinsically motivated.</li>
<li>Allows students to easily view their awards directly from the course home page, rather than having to change course navigation to make them visible.</li>
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