LCC eLearning
Learning Online with D2L Training Redesign

Course Structure Thoughts

Division between “How to Use D2L” and “Being an Online Student” makes sense, but is poorly named/communicated
Much of the feedback was either “this is too long and not useful” or “this was exactly what I needed” - is there a way to branching, optional content for those who want a refresher, vs. those who want to start at ground zero?
Videos are out of date
Some sections definitely need more chunking - break into sub-modules
Tutorial videos should be limited to a specific function - not 5 minutes in length covering a whole section
Core D2L Tasks students will need to complete:
Viewing Content
Submitting Assignments / Discussions
Taking Quizzes
Viewing Feedback
Communicating with Instructors
These should be coupled with practice activities, that we can ensure students complete and can verify competency.
Learning Outcomes
Navigate and use D2L to view content, communicate with instructors and students, and complete coursework
Identify and implement strategies for becoming a successful online student including: using required technology, time management, and information security.
Connect with LCC teams and resources to support and enhance your online learning experience, inclduing: the Help Desk, eLearning, Academic Success Coaches, the Library, and others.

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