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Web Design Onboarding Plan

Basic Wordpress

Dashboard Navigation
Wordpress navigation is primarily accomplished using the Wordpress Dashboard, with the most commonly used functions being found in the left-navigation bar. This dashboard is visible after you login to Wordpress using your Admin Account. In the day-to-day creation and editing of content, you’ll mostly be concerned with the Pages and Events items. Other functions that are managed through the Dashboard are: Plugins, User Accounts, Analytics, and the Wordpress Theme. For now
Content Editor
When creating or editing a page in Wordpress, you’ll be using the Content Editor. You can toggle this (using the tabs on the right) to either give you a visual WYSIWYG representation of the page, or a text raw HTML version. As you become comfortable with the site, it’s recommended you use the text version for editing pages, as many advanced elements of elearning Resource Site Pages (such as ) aren’t represented in the visual editor.
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