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Assignments - Module 5

Creating / Editing
Paragraph - Introduction
This module focuses on the D2L Assignments tool, which allows Instructors to create assignments, associate rubrics, view student’s submissions, and provide grades and feedback. Specifically, in this module you’ll learn to:
Create Assignment Folders
Manage Assignment properties such as: Due Dates, Submission Types, Rubrics, and more
Grade student submissions and provide feedback
Let’s begin by creating assignment folders.
Process Interaction - Creating Assignment Folders
The foundation of assignment submissions in D2L are submission folders. These submission folders are where Instructors provide assignment instructions, students submit completed work, and instructors then review, grade, and provide feedback on that work. Click Start to learn how to create an assignment folder.
From the D2L Navigation Menu, select Assessments then choose Assignments.
Select New Assignment.
This will take you to the New Assignment screen. We’ll explore each of the four sections: Properties, Availability Dates & Conditions, Submission & Completion, and Evaluation & Feedback below. Navigate through the interactive graphics to learn the the various settings and options in each of these areas.
Hotspot Graphic - Assignment Properties
Due Date
Hotspot Graphic - Availability Dates & Conditions
Start / End Date
Release Conditions
Special Access
Submission / Completion
Assignment Type
Submission Type
Allowable File Extensions
Notification Email
Evaluation & Feedback
Annotation Tools
Explore in Module 8 (Link)
Bulleted List - Further Learning
Downloading / Uploading Bulk Assignments & Feedback (Link to IRS)
Creating & Associating Rubrics (Link to IRS)

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