Artificial Intelligence: Core Things


The Book
This book was done with the purpose of saving the author’s own experience in Artificial Intelligence and to share and help people to know about AI which is superb important in this millennium. This book is mainly theory but comes with some maths and basic programming.
The book is published online officially at:
This book ‘Artificial Intelligence: Core Things’ is totally free and published on the web. Persons or publishers may republish or print for free without written consent from the author, as long as the name of the author (Dat Dinhquoc) is intact on the book. However, for editing, please ask for the written consent from the author.
Thanks To
for providing free book writing and publication online service to everybody.
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Multiple websites on the Internet as good sources of knowledge.
This book is updated rather frequently, please see the last section of the book for the update log.

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