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The Layers

Social Layer

We use the concept of the Social Layer as a way to encompass all the elements on the frontend surface, the way users communicate and interact with each other. In the Social Layer, the two elements that users need to be most concerned about are the Seed Mechanism and the Social Point System.

deFarm Seed

What is Seed?
Every address on deFarm features a distinctive "Seed" that can be minted, purchased or sold. Setting up a profile allows you to effortlessly create your own Seed.
The seed鈥檚 value is subject to change based on buying and selling activity, with prices rising when people mint/buy and declining when they sell.

What are the functions of Seed?
To put in a new perspective, Seed is a whole new kind of social token that tied to the person's reputation and performance on deFarm. Seed serve as a entry ticket to a person exclusive club. By acquiring another user's Seed, individuals can gain entry to
As a result, user's Seed price is tied to their reputation and trading performance on deFarm. This presents a powerful opportunity of social trading and speculation.

Seed Mechanism Curve

Seed is non-fungible, non-transferable and naturally scarce.
The price of user's Seed should increase as a faster pace with the more people trying to buy them. We want Seed to be a means of access to a user's exclusive club, so the number of circulating Seed for anyone should be limit to some extend, by making it harder and harder to access, while benefits the early adopters.
However, to lower the entry barrier and bring more sustainablity to Seed price, the curve mechanism won't be too aggressive
The price curve of Seed will be based on ETH as following:

Interactive User Experience

To encourage users to deeply interact with deFarm, we put our heart into creating several systems that will reward users the more they use deFarm.
Normally, you will eventually get familiar with these system alongside with using deFarm. But if you can鈥檛 wait to see what is inside the mystery box, this page will show what you can earn and achieve as a veteran farmers!

I. Social Point System

To evaluate how deeply users interact with deFarm, Social Point System is introduced. The deeper and longer users use deFarm, the more benefit & reward the users will receive.
Upon reaching certain level, users will be rewarded with token, items, etc. or unlocking advanced features that new users don鈥檛 have.

1. How to earn Social Point

Everytime users use the platform, in any way, will be rewarded with Social Point, which will help the user level up. The table below shows how many experience point users will receive doing each task:
Social Point table

2. Streak Boost

Doing actions in consecutive streak will not only give users experience boost, but also token reward. The best way to earn experience is to keep the streak going and earn massive boost in experience earned!
Streak system

3. Level & Reward

Below table will show the experience point needed to level up, and what rewards await you along the journey.
Level & Reward milestones

II. Achievement System

Along side with the Experience System, we also have a Achievement System that will give you not only rewards, but also awesome badges for you to brag the world about your greatness

III. Personalized Profile

Freely show off to the world your uniqueness with personalized profile page. As a Social Trading platform, deFarm aims to give users as much freedom as possible in creating their profile. Lots of exiciting features will be introduce in the near future, so stay tuned!

IV. Boosters & Items

deFarm also offers lots of boosters and Items that anyone and everyone can find the best way to maximize their profit based on their investment style. deFarm Store will be available in the near future.

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