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Mainnet Beta FAQ


What are Quests on deFarm?
Quests are interactive tasks designed for deFarm users to earn experience points (XP) and claim a share of deFarm's community airdrop. They are a fun and rewarding way to engage with the deFarm protocol and the broader community.
What types of Quests are available in the Mainnet Beta?
The Mainnet Beta features several types of Quests, all involving off-chain and on-chain activities that require you to interact with the deFarm protocol. For new users, there are one-time tasks designed to introduce the platform's features and mechanics. Daily tasks are available to all users; these reset every 24 hours, offering fresh opportunities to earn XP each day. Challenges are more complex, requiring greater effort but providing higher XP rewards; they reset at the beginning of each new season, with the schedule to be provided. Finally, achievements serve as a record of the significant milestones you've reached while participating in deFarm activities.
What are the XPs I earn from Quests used for?
The XPs earned from completing Quests are used to determine your share of the airdrop from deFarm's fixed pre-launch pool. Essentially, the more XPs you collect, the larger the proportion of the pool you command, which means a greater amount of $DEF tokens will be airdropped to you.
How many $DEF tokens are allocated for Mainnet Beta Quests?
For the Mainnet Beta Quests, a total of <TBA> $DEF tokens, which equates to <TBA>% of the total supply, will be allocated. This specific allocation is exclusive to the Mainnet Beta period. Additionally, a substantial number of $DEF tokens will also be airdropped to users through various Quests after the Mainnet Beta phase.
When will I receive the $DEF airdrop?
The $DEF airdrop claim is scheduled with our token launch, which is projected for March 2024. Users who actively participate in the mainnet beta quests and accumulate high XPs will be eligible. We are committed to keeping all our diligent deFarm users informed about the exact timing for claiming the airdrop as the token launch approaches.
Will there be any updates on Quests?
Absolutely. We are constantly planning to introduce new tasks and challenges to diversify interaction with the protocol. Our plan includes integrating off-chain tasks, such as social engagements through platforms like X, allowing contributors who are active outside the blockchain to also earn rewards for their support. We greatly value community input; if you have suggestions or ideas, please don't hesitate to leave feedback at . Your insights are crucial to us, and we are always here to listen and improve your deFarm experience.

Early Adopter Program

What is deFarm's Early Adopter Program?
deFarm's Early Adopter Program is a reward initiative designed to incentivize users through DEF tokens for performing various actions within the deFarm app. This program aims to encourage user interaction with the protocol, drive user growth, and allow users to partake in the protocol's success.
Who is eligible for $DEF rewards in this program?
All users who interact with the deFarm protocol and meet specific qualifying conditions are eligible for DEF rewards. The distribution of rewards is based on the user's contribution in relation to the total pool of DEF tokens for each epoch.
What is the total $DEF reward for Early Adopter Program?
The Early Adopter Program allocates 10.00% of the total DEF supply, equating to 10,000,000 $DEF tokens, which are distributed across various epochs throughout the event.
How many epochs are there in the Early Adopter Program?
The program includes a total of 8 epochs. This structured approach allows for a consistent and fair distribution of DEF rewards over a defined period.
What is the duration of each epoch, and how are rewards distributed?
Each epoch within the Early Adopter Program lasts for 7 days. There are different reward pools for various target user groups, such as managers, and liquidity pools proportionate to their level of contribution, which includes trading volume and deposited capital.
In what ways can I earn DEF rewards through the Early Adopter Program?
Users can earn $DEF rewards by engaging as traders/managers or liquidity providers. As a trader/manager, you can create farms and execute orders to contribute to the trading volume on deFarm. As a liquidity provider, you invest your capital into farms managed by skilled traders/managers.

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