Product Team Hub: Coda & Jira


A product management Team Hub connecting Jira Issues to your Epics, Product Roadmap, and Feature Requests.
Many product management teams live in a world scattered across tools. Google Docs for documentation, whichever tool the development team uses for task management, spreadsheets for planning, and some PowerPoint here and there for presenting plans to your stakeholders. Coda provides a flexible surface for teams to consolidate their work together into a single place. And through Packs, Coda enables teams to pull data from all the other tools they use into a single unified Team Hub.
Whether your team plans in Epics and Stories, Features and Requirements, or any other type of terminology structure, Coda can easily be fit to match how your team works.
This doc provides an example framework for how a product team can centrally manage their work out of a Coda doc that pulls in development execution work from Jira through Coda’s !
This doc includes
Creating a table of Jira Issues in Coda through the
Creating a Feature Request table with a button to send prioritized requests to Jira
Managing Epics within Coda
Associating the Epics to your Jira issues
Reporting on Epic progress calculated from the completion status of contained Jira issues
Visualizing the delivery date of the Jira Issues on a Gantt Chart styled Product Roadmap
This doc is intended to be super easy to use and serve as a great starting point for building your own product management Team Hub when working with a development team managing work out of Jira.
Upon copying the doc, you will be prompted to Connect this doc to Jira.
If you have previously connected a Jira account to your workspace, you can simply select the existing account.
If you have never connected your Coda workspace to Jira, click + Add New Account, which will re-direct you to to log in to your Jira account.
Next, go to the Coda & Jira page in the doc and click any of the Choose what to sync buttons, which will open up the pack configuration allowing you to select which Project you want to connect to, and optionally add filters to limit the quantity of issues pulled in.
Note: It is strongly encouraged to filter the pack in order to ensure you are only bringing in the Jira Issues you want within your doc. Jira Query Language (
) can be added as an import filter option by clicking + Add criteria.
Buttons, Formulas, and Filters
Progress Formula: The progress formula on the Epics page will need to be updated based on the statuses for your Jira Issues. In the template, the formula is set to count the number of records in the “Done” status. This will need to be changed to whichever status your team uses to mark work as complete in Jira.
Progress Formula.png

2. Filters: The interactive filters on the Coda & Jira page may need to be updated if your issues do not contain an “Assignee” or “Status” field. Simply right click the filter and edit the formula in the Selectable Options field to match your Jira Issues.
Select Assignee.png
3. Buttons: The Submit button from the Feature Requests page will need to be configured to send to create Issues in the correct Jira project, as well as send values for the required Jira fields. Right click the button to add these configurations. Note: You will need to add options to the button for every Jira field in order for the button to work. Non-Required fields can have the option value left blank.
Submit Button.png
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