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Coda DOCtorate application - Dan Keefe
Hi, I’m

I’m a teacher and developer; you can find out more about me on the

This is my application for the
. I’m really excited about the possibility of learning more about Coda and the incredible things it can accomplish.

This application has two parts:

- a bit of background on who I am and why I’m interested in Coda
- An example Coda document that tracks important tasks

Important note!
I realise that the application deadline was
. If you’re viewing this document right now, then you know that that date is
19 days
in the past. I can only apologise - I came across the program very late, and I’m just hoping that either applications are still being looked at after the deadline, or that I can be considered for a future cohort. Sorry though - I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity if there was any chance of getting onto the cohort.

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