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Tweet scheduler

Easy automate your twitter scheduling to keep a consistent account so you can focus on your genuine interactions.
In the page you add all the evergreen tweets idea which you can circle through.
The best thing would be to add at least 30 tweets as the automation runs daily an it avoid tweets that have been posted least than 30 days ago. I think adding a lot of tweets in the queue, at least 60, would be great to avoid the deja vu feeling in people reading your feed.

In the page you’ll find your last 10000 tweets performance. To have a better idea of what performs well, you can use the “Types or topics” column to assigning the corresponding topic or type.

You can edit your available topics or types in the page.
Before starting
Before starting using this doc you need to perform some steps.
Copy this document to your workspace so you can edit it and keep your information private.
Connect your twitter account
Add your twitter username in the input here.
From the document settings enable the daily automation for tweet posting, choose your prefered time for it to run and set it to run as your account not as automation bot or the twitter bot won’t run.
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