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November 2023

Customer Support team newsletter

Curious to know more about the team that makes the life of our Customers easier?

You are in the right place!

The team helping our Customers

Our goal is to create a support experience that not only resolves issues but also builds lasting, positive relationships with our users.


📈 Email Stats

Number of messages received

Each customer thread in a conversation counts towards the total number you see in the graph.

Total number of messages received in each inbox in November ‘23:

Trend of total number of messages received from November ‘22 until November ‘23:

Total number of emails up X% from this time last year

Artist inbox
Consistently the inbox where we receive the highest number of messages.
In November ‘23, X% of all emails were received here.
Traffic increased by X% compared to the same month last year
Main driver of traffic: X

Pro Plan inbox
In November ‘23, X% of all emails were received here.
Traffic isn't comparable to last year since we launched the inbox in December 2022.
Main driver of traffic: X

Support inbox
In October ‘23, X% of all emails were received here.
Traffic increased by X% compared to the same month last year
Main driver of traffic: X

🗣️ Support highlights

♻️ Pro Plan renewals are starting to roll in

Time flies! Already more than one year ago, the first Pro Plan has been sold!
🥇 The first subscriber has been Gregory from France on the 27th of October 2022.
💸 The first adopters have been due for renewal of their yearly Pro Plan in November.

📈 How many renewals in November?

X subscription were due renewal in November and unfortunately the % of Pro Plans renewed successfully is lower than what we aim for.
60% were renewed successfully
🔴 40% were payment who failed for different reasons such as:
Insufficient funds
Credit card expired
Bank declined the transaction

🚨 How are we trying to increase the % of successful renewals?

1️⃣ Stripe retry schedule
Stripe tries 3 more times within the next 2 weeks to charge the customer
If all 3 attempts fail, it cancels the Pro Plan subscription.
2️⃣ Reminder campaign on
3 reminders are automatically sent via email
1st reminder sent immediately, 2nd and 3rd reminders sent after 4 and 6 days from the previous one
The email notifies them of the failed renewal and tries to persuade them to renew by highlighting all the features they miss out by downgrading to a Free Plan

Renew and avoid missing out on these amazing features!
😎 New cool features will be launched very soon!
🎤 Free plans only include 1 artist in your roster, to manage 2 or more artists you need a Pro Plan.
🌎 Global Curator Dream Team: Our 10,000+ curators, fluent in all major languages, are ready to add and sync your lyrics with their expertise and rigorous training.
📜 Curated & Verified Lyrics: Deliver lyrical perfection to , ensuring your music reaches its full potential.
📹 Lyric Video Clip Creator: Craft stunning, fully customizable 30-second lyric videos to captivate fans across your social channels.
🌟 Premium Support: Our dedicated team is at your service, guiding you through your requests, handling artist profile claims, and providing fast-track support.

📝 What if someone wants to cancel after a successful renewal?

Our policy states that:
If you do not wish to renew your subscription, make sure to cancel it before the renewal date.
Should you choose to cancel your plan after the renewal charge has been processed, please note that you will not receive a refund for any unused portion of the subscription. Your subscription will remain active, and you will continue to have access to the subscribed services until the end of the subscription term.

👇 Click below to find the full “Cancellation and Renewal policy”

🗞️ News

🚀 Update on the Full length Lyric videos test


How is it going so far?

71 requests from 36 different users
9 full length video paid
Generated a revenue of 400 USD

Increment on automation saved us a bunch of cases to be handled manually

Enjoy some of the full lyric videos shared by the artists on youtube

🎤➕🎤 Featured track limitations for verified artists

📩 In November, our team helped around 150 artists with this specific issue

❓What has changed?

After the Lil’ Peep spam attack, new limitations to the editing of lyrics of featured tracks have been introduced.
Whenever a verified artist tries to edit the lyrics of a track in which he is featured, a lock next to “Lyrics” will be displayed in the curator studio.
This inevitably created some confusion in the verified artist, who used to freely edit also all their featured tracks.

💡What actions did we take to improve clarity?

1️⃣ Worked with product to add a Dialog box for artist
Before: Artists used to see the default community fallback, asking to become a Curator or higher.
After: A new dialog box for Artist editing featured tracks has been deployed, explaining that edits to songs with featured artists are now restricted
artist dialog.png

2️⃣Linked the new Dialog BOX to a dedicated article In the Artist FAQs

3️⃣ Provide support in editing the lyrics
In the FAQ, there is a Form they can fill in to reach out to the customer support team.
🆓 Free Plan users: we reject their current lyrics so they can upload them again
💰 Pro Plan subscribers: we make edits for them as part of the outsourcing service

Stay tuned for more insights and updates in our next newsletter! 📭

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