TrueWind Team Handbook

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Vision & Values

Pulled from Vision & Values from parent company Ad Astra


Change the world through helping people see and connect to...
themselves (coaching, counseling)
SmartRaven Coaching
their orgs and teams (consulting)
SmartRaven Consulting
others (publications, marketing agency, podcast)
Truewind Marketing
Leading from the Front Podcast
YouTube Channel
what really matters (non-profits)
Face Ministries
community change (public policy, mental health awareness day)
Overton Policy Group (Cameron Shorkey)
Day of Champions Mental Health Day
StakeHolder Sessions with CHP
fellow leaders (rising tide society)
Rising Tide Society
Those who Serve Award with Colorado Springs Magazine

their present moment (photography)
their environment restored (construction).


We put People 1st

Leadership without Ego
Leadership is not being in charge, but taking care of those in your charge. - Simon Sinek
Health of our team members → Success of our teams
We don't miss people
People are our #1 capital
Lasting relationships > quick results

We’re Problem Solvers

No problem is bigger than the strength of our team and ingenuity. We are Dreamers & Doers.
Problems are puzzles whose solutions must include people, processes, and perceptions.
Kaizen & Systems Thinking
Reverse engineer from the mission. Anything is possible. Stay true to core vision & values not dogma (inflexible).
Collaboration & Creativity > Complaining or Condescension
“institutional yes”
masters of usable feedback
Find Solutions not Scapegoats
Culture of Learning
Replace judgement with curiosity
Beginner’s Mind. We always have something to learn.

We thrive on Productive Partnerships

Disagreement and Diversity makes things better.
Disagreement can be healthy. We can disagree without being disagreeable.
Egoless leadership. I do not have to be the center of the problem or solution; but I can champion the team and process.
Diverse teams where everyone plays to their strengths.
We empower team members to succeed in their roles by encouraging agency and providing support.
No Micromanagement. We hire people who can be trusted.
Communication is Everything
Clarity kills chaos.
Over communication is better than under.
Listening to understand not to offer rebuttal.
Deep Listening unlocks the right doors.

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