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Tiffany Wismer - Copywriter

Name: Tiffany Wismer
Day job: Copywriter
Personal / professional goals: Work collaboratively in a creative team or partnership doing challenging and excellent work. Be at peace with myself and those around me. Make enough money to survive comfortably while doing something that I enjoy. Grow old surrounded by family.
When / how I like to work: I like a quiet room with open windows or a coffee shop surrounded by people. I usually need some time to process before actually doing the writing. I don’t do my best writing collaboratively. I need to take instruction and do the writing alone and bring it back for revisions. I usually work in an unstructured way, going back and forth between writing and music.
What I value: Beauty, connection, harmony.
What I don’t have patience for: Rush hour traffic, being mocked.
How to best communicate with me: If you want something done, tell me clearly and briefly and give me deadlines. If you want to know me personally, ask questions and listen without interrupting.
Time of day: Mid-afternoons to late nights.
What day of the week and/or time of day am I completely unreachable? Early mornings. I am sleeping.
Things I struggle with: Self-esteem. Boundaries, though this is improving. Processing / accepting grief in a healthy way. Prayer.
How to help me: Just be happy to see me.
Other likes / dislikes: music, science fiction, classic novels, cozy rooms, gatherings of friends, sunlit trees, the ocean.
Raisins, LinkedIn, the smell of pennies, hospitals, meditation.
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