TrueWind Team Handbook

Start of Week Check In 11/7/22


HR Paperwork
Project Mgmt & Problem Solving
Break into group for
Check in
Check Out

Check In Questions

What are you proud of yourself from last week?
How do you process things? (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)
What’s your #1 tool that helps you stay productive?

Check Out Questions

What are your top 3 priorities this week?
Partners/Accountability for this week?
Puzzles that remain that we can answer?

Project Management

The PEER Method


This is Huge
Get agreement from client, team, everyone.
What do we have?
What do we need?
Internal team. What are dynamics, talents, roles?
External partners that require collaboration or buy in?
Wins & Fails


What will make this easy?
How do I need to support my team throughout process?


What metrics are we looking for?
What is best way to share this with team? Motivate process over performance?


How do we turn this into a ritual or routine that works?

Problem Solving

Better Questions → Better Answers

Open ended & Disarming
“Why” asks for reasons but often gets interpreted as “justify yourself”
“How” address process
“When and Who” are specific fact finding
Neutral without judgment. Curiosity > Judgment.
Beginner’s Mind.
Teams will give you their best if you don’t think you’re ideas or approach is already the best.
Can’t fill a cup that is already full.

Turn Anxiety → Asks + Actions

Anxiety is a smoke alarm set to highest sensitivity because we are disconnected from which room has the fire.
Asking ourselves and others without judgment to find the real issues.
Momentum is powerful. Freeze is not same as Pause & Reflection.

Problems are Puzzles

Problems are puzzles whose solutions must include people, processes, and perceptions.
“In a world governed by shame, asking dumb questions is a super power” tim ferris
Reverse engineer from the mission. Anything is possible. Stay true to core vision & values not dogma (inflexible).
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