TrueWind Team Handbook

Start of Week Check In 11/14/22


2023 Q1 Goals
Hearing each other well --> Better and Faster Problem Solving
What are you listening for? Facts, Feelings, Fixes - or - Understanding & Meaning
If we rush to offer fixes we risk solving the wrong problem and creating new ones.
If we take time to understand each other and options we affirm and strengthen team, set ourselves up for better and faster implementation
Self Awareness! (tone, GRIP, what are we actually asking for?)
Breakout into biz specific groups to start week strong together on business


Jacob, Olivia (IG) Isaac, Tiffany, Alyvia, Kylan (TW), Jeremiah Gen, Dylan (Admin) Calvin, Daniel (Construction)

Check In/Check Out (done in team):

What do we need to address this week in biz team? What area of leadership would you like to grow in to get ready for 2023?

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