TrueWind Team Handbook

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Our Brand

This not That: This exercise has helped us distinguish the nuances of how we want to be perceived as a team and a brand.
As a brand we want to be perceived as:
Personal not Unprofessional
We want our clients to see us as real people who they have a real relationship with. We are fun and relational without sacrificing professionalism. We aim to always see clients as people first. We invest in the people behind the logo.
Collaborative not Confusing
We want to invite our clients into our process without crossing wires. We will maintain a clear structure for communicating with clients while still making them feel like they are a part of what we do.
Direct not Insensitive/arrogant
We will not shy away from hard conversations internally or externally. We will speak the truth to one another and to our clients. That being said, we always want to hold an air of humility and grace when communicating and stay away from being perceived as arrogant or insensitive.
Simple not Dull
We will provide effective messaging within our product. We believe that les is more and clarity is king. (Thanks Les Paul RIP) We will do this without risking being seen as dull.
Playful not Irresponsible
We have fun with our clients and invite them to have fun as well. We do this both as a brand (and as people) and when appropriate within production for clients. We ride the fine line between being fun and playful and not being seen as irresponsible. We eliminate the risk of being seen as irresponsible by communicating with clarity, efficiency, and timeliness, doing thorough work, and sticking to our quality process.
Intentional not Overbearing
We always want to go the extra mile for clients without feeling like that weirdly intrusive neighbor who is always peeking over the fence. You know the one.
Authentic not Disingenuous
We will produce authentic products for clients without coming across as overly authentic for the sake of selling something. Not the vibe.
Thorough not Micromanagers
We cover our bases and invite our clients to do the same without being overbearing.
Democratic not Inefficient
We want to invite our clients and team members into open conversations where everyone's opinion is heard. We will do this while sticking to deadlines, maintaining efficiency, and not compromising quality.

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