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Nick Biewer - Director of Photography

Personal User Manual


Nick Biewer

Day Job:

Freelance Director of Photography, Cam Op, G&E, AC
Owner, Production Lead - Nick B Films ltd

Personal/Professional Goals:

Direct Photography full time for narrative films

When/How I like to work:

I work 9-6ish Monday - Friday + 10-3 Sat/Sun or by request

What I value:

Friendship, personal time, family, hard work, structure, and passion

What I don’t have patience for:

How to best communicate with me:

Text, Email, clear but casual

Time of Day:

9-6 or by request

What day of the week and/or time of day am I completely unreachable?

Before 8am

Things I struggle with:

Mornings unless there is a production, staying motivated during times without productions

How to help me:

Let’s share a vocabulary - There are a lot of film terms and processes that are a bit specific. We all have different processes so let’s share them!


I love preproduction
I dislike working with clients - just let me shoot lol

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